With over 60 quarrying operations across the UK, we are a major supplier of high quality aggregates, specialist sand, gravel and recycled/secondary aggregates to the construction industry.




Construction aggregates

With over 70 quarries we can supply a wide range of crushed rock materials.

Our crushed rock includes granite, limestone, gritstone and basalt. Progressive stages of crushing and screening enable us to produce a range of aggregate sizes and we offer a range of polished stone value (PSV), including 70+PSV.

Products offered:

  • Crushed materials
  • Dusts
  • Face materials
  • Fill materials
  • Single size and graded materials
  • Sub-bases

Sea and river defences

Materials from our quarries are used for vital river and sea defence work. We supply rock armour stone that complies to CIRIA specifications, together with rip-rap, gabions and walling stone.

River defence

Our rock armour has been widely specified by the Environment Agency and consulting engineers for river revetment and diversion contracts. In such situations, natural rock is more harmonious with the environment than steel piling and longer lasting than timber. An effective interlock between blocks can be achieved on either a coursed or random joint pattern. 

Sea defence

Rock armour is also used to protect the UK’s shorelines as it is extremely durable. With a range of sizes available to meet specific requirements, we are a major supplier to sea defence projects.

Specialist sands

All of our Garside Sands range of natural silica sands contain a high silica content - typically above 90% - and a sub'angular grain shape. Our specialist silica sands are quarried at two locations within the UK: Leighton Buzzard and Levenseat, located in Scotland. 

Sectors and applications:

  • Sports and leisure
  • Water filtration
  • Industrial
  • Brick manufacturing
  • Processing
  • Rail
  • Equestrian

Recycled aggregates

In keeping with our strong commitment to sustainable construction we are heavily involved in sourcing quality waste arising’s and secondary aggregates all over Great Britain in order to produce products for construction and building materials.

Products include:

  • Road planings
  • Scrap from asphalt plants
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Clean concrete
  • Incinerator bottom ash
  • Pulverised fly ash (PFA)
  • Glass

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