We are a major supplier of ready mix concrete and floor screed with a substantial range of products covering every popular application, from large project house building and city construction through to private driveways and DIY work.
29 products

29 products

Rapid screed
Rapid screed is a traditional sand and cement dry screed mix engineered to reduce drying times and allows the 1st heating cycle to be carried out after only 15 days.
High Early Strength Concrete is a range of products designed to meet specified return to service requirements in compressive strength.
Lytag aggregate can be used within a screed system, potentially reducing the weight over conventional screeds by 50%.
Lytacrete reduces the weight of structural concrete and can be pumped to any height and achieve a high quality finish.
Cemfloor screed
Cemfloor Screed is a ready-to use high performance, cementitious flowing floor screed that is delivered in truck mixers and then placed by pumping.
Lytycrete reduces the weight of structural concrete and can be pumped to any height and achieve a high quality finish.
A low strength ready-mixed concrete ideal for contracts/projects where strength is not a key factor.
Adding water on the site causes a reduction in the strength of ready-mixed concrete and invalidates our Quality Assurance.
A ready-mixed concrete specially designed for foundations of two or more storeys or where steel reinforcement is used.