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The Sustainable Choice for Construction Aggregates

Aggneo is a natural secondary aggregate, with the same quality and performance as virgin aggregate. So, whatever the project, you don’t have to compromise on strength or durability.
By re-processing and reclaiming the aggregate, which would otherwise become waste material, we are driving a circular economy in infrastructure, industry and the building sector.
With Aggneo, your projects become part of a more sustainable future for the construction industry.
Aggneo Life

The Bigger Picture

We are facing a global climate crisis and the time to act is now.

Every decision we make, has an impact on our environment. So it’s never been so important to choose environmentally friendly products and solutions to build a sustainable future.

To help achieve this, Aggneo secondary aggregates are a vital part of this journey.

To help identify sustainable products, Life labels all of our products that meet at least one of our six criteria. These criterias have been developed to meet the needs of environmentally conscious customers, together with industry and government demands.
Aggneo qualifies with the following Life criteria:
1 non primary

20% minimum 

2 sustainable tech

and innovation

3 resource efficient


For more information on the Life criteria or to find out about our Life products, please visit our life products page HERE.

Aggneo Type 1

The latest product within the Aggneo range, consisting of a 50% blend of recycled aggregates which is currently being rolled out in London and the South East.

Features and benefits

Helping improve the local landscape

Reusing aggregates diverts material away from landfill and helps maintain a visually appealing landscape for local residents

Circular economy

Aggneo helps drive a circular economy within the construction industry by recycling aggregates that would otherwise go to landfill. 

Choose sustainable construction

By choosing Aggneo secondary aggregates, you are helping to create a greener, more sustainable future. 

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Solar Impulse Foundation

Aggneo has been recognised by the Solar Impulse Foundation as an efficient and profitable solution to help protect the environment. 


Same great consistency and performance as virgin aggregate.


By reclaiming aggregate, normally waste material, we are driving a circular economy in infrastructure, industry and the building sector.


Aggneo secondary aggregates can be used for all construction projects.

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