Agilia is a self compacting concrete and will flow freely around congested reinforcement without the need for vibration or other energy input. 

CE marking

Features and benefits

Potential cost savings through shorter construction time, reduced labour for placing, finishing and remedial costs

Compressive strengths from C20/25 to C50/60 and available in slump flow classes SF1 to SF3

Excellent flowability through congested reinforcing steels (Rebar),ensuring full bonding

Conforms to specified limits for minimum cement content and maximum water cement ratio

Less finishing required, which is ideal for domestic flooring when laying carpet, tiles or wood

High surface quality, consistency of finished appearance and allows enhanced design creativity including colour

Environmental benefits including no vibration and noise reduction during placement

Agilia Vertical (V)

  • Walls with large openings or cast in items
  • Aesthetic concrete or architectural concrete
  • Heavily reinforced elements.

Agilia Horizontal (H)

  • Slab on grade
  • Overlaying existing slabs for levelling
  • Elevated slabs
  • Light industrial and domestic standard flooring
  • Block and beam floors

*Agilia® is used under licence of Lafarge.

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Product information

  • Guidance notes on NHBC housing (pdf, 261.49 KB)
  • Agilia customers guidelines 2020 (pdf, 651.43 KB)
  • Agilia TDS (pdf, 508.79 KB)
  • NHBC Guidance (pdf, 262.23 KB)
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