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Welcome to Aggregate Industries, a member of Holcim at Futurebuild 2024, where our commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with the event's mission of driving positive change in the built environment. As the industry's foremost gathering at ExCeL London, Futurebuild provides a platform for sharing inspiring ideas and innovative solutions, all geared towards achieving net zero and creating a more sustainable world.

This year, Futurebuild introduces new conference themes emphasising climate action and the urgent need for collaborative efforts: 

  • Share Your Vision: Let's articulate our visions for a better, more sustainable future together. 
  • Show Your Stripes: Highlighting the importance of climate change awareness and decisive action. 
  • Embrace the Change: Advocating for collective efforts to achieve a more sustainable built environment.


We invite you to be part of this journey towards a more sustainable future. Join us at Futurebuild 2024 on stand E56, where we'll collaborate, innovate, and shape a better tomorrow for generations to come.



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Innovative products and services leading construction right now

Sustainable Construction

Highlight the importance of using sustainable construction materials and their impact on reducing carbon footprint.

Low Carbon Concrete

With ECOPact, we help our customers reduce the footprint of their buildings and infrastructure to build better with less and decarbonize construction.


Intelligent air compressor control & monitoring platform improves your system reliability, prevents downtime, and saves you up to 50% on your energy cost.

Ultra performance concrete

Introduce ultra-performance concrete, focusing on its strength, durability, and versatility for various construction needs.

ECOPact, the lower carbon concrete

Experience the future of concrete with ECOPact – Holcim's revolutionary low carbon solution. Engineered to reduce carbon emissions starting at 30%, ECOPact delivers exceptional performance while minimising environmental impact. Whether you're constructing high-rise buildings, bridges, or infrastructure projects, ECOPact offers unparalleled sustainability without compromising strength or durability. Join the movement towards greener construction practices with ECOPact and build a better world for future generations. ECOPact is evolving through innovation with the introduction to calcined clay and new mix designs to push forward the use of sustainable sourcing and solutions. Come and speak to us about how we are making this happen for our customers and can provide you with sustainable ECO label solutions across our concrete applications.

ECOPlanet, the lower carbon cement

Introducing ECOPlanet – the game-changing lower carbon cement solution. Designed to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, ECOPlanet offers a sustainable alternative to traditional portland cement without sacrificing quality or performance. By harnessing innovative technologies and sustainable sourcing practices, ECOPlanet helps you achieve your sustainability goals while meeting the highest standards of construction excellence. Join us in revolutionising the cement industry and paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future with ECOPlanet.


Join the circular economy revolution with us – we have innovative solutions for recycling construction waste. By transforming waste materials into valuable resources, we minimise landfill usage, reduce environmental impact, and promote sustainable construction practices. With our comprehensive recycling infrastructure and commitment to sustainability, we offer environmentally responsible solutions for managing construction waste. Together, let's close the loop on construction materials and build a more circular future.

DYNAMax Ultimate Concrete

Experience the ultimate in concrete performance with DYNAMax – the ultra-performance concrete solution. Engineered to meet the most demanding construction challenges, DYNAMax offers unmatched strength, durability, and versatility. Whether you're building skyscrapers, highways, or iconic landmarks, DYNAMax delivers exceptional performance in every application. With its advanced formulation and superior engineering, DYNAMax sets a new standard for excellence in construction materials. Elevate your projects to new heights with DYNAMax and build with confidence, strength, and sustainability.

Hear From Leading Industry Experts

Contact us today and one of our specialists will work with you on achieving the ultimate project performance which will accelerate you in the industry.


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