Aggregate Industries extends Lafarge packed cement offering

Aggregate Industries has extended its packed products offering with the introduction of six new products to the Lafarge Cement range.

Packed Cement Offering

New products in the portfolio include Concrete Mix and Postmix, both premixed ready to use applications composed of a blend of cement and aggregates. New Mortar Mix, also premixed and ready to use, is made up of a selected blend of cement, lime and aggregates for laying all types of brick and block.

Other new additions include Super White Cement, which provides an attractive, light coloured, natural looking concrete. Bright white in colour, it does not include any pigments and can be used for traditional nominal mixes for all general applications. It’s used in exactly the same way as grey Portland cements and can be used with coloured pigments as required.

New Sulfate Resistant Portland fly ash cement has a high sulfate resistance and is recommended for use in below ground applications or when enhanced durability is required. It’s ideal to use where sulfates are present.

The final addition to the range is Hydrated Lime, a new high calcium, non-hydraulic, hydrated lime – a fine, white, dry powder that lightens and brightens mortar. It also improved the workability, cohesiveness and water retention of Portland cement mortars and renders.

The new products join Aggregate Industries’ already established Lafarge General Purpose Cement range.

Jeremy Lee, Sales Director of Aggregate Industries’ Building Products division, comments: “Through continual research and development with builders and builders’ merchants, Lafarge has an unrivalled track record for customer focused innovation in cement products. One of the key challenges in the UK cement market is that it can be quite traditional. Innovation is key for the sector so that we don’t fall behind in regards to where the rest of the world is currently at or moving forwards. As such, the last 12 months has seen us invest significantly in a portfolio of new cement products that offer real solutions for our customers.”

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