Aggregate Industries sponsors the third annual Landscape Institute Awards ceremony.


November 2010 saw the third annual Landscape Institute Awards ceremony hosted in London.  We were proud to support the awards that recognise exemplary landscape design and sustainable practices.

Atkins designed the innovative Oxford Circus diagonal crossing which was recognised in the Urban Design and Masterplanning category that we sponsored. Oxford Circus, the gateway to Regent Street, London’s premier shopping destination, had its barriers and street clutter removed and remodelled, giving the 200 million shoppers and workers who visit every year more freedom to move. The new design has increased the amount of pavement space by almost 70 per cent more than the previous capacity.

Jo Watkins, president of the Landscape Institute, said: “These awards capture the zeitgeist. In times of recession there is a need to be innovative and resourceful. Faced with a challenging economy and increasing social and environmental pressures, the benefits of careful intervention in the landscape become even more relevant and frugal innovation moves up the agenda.”

As a hard landscaping solutions provider, we are working closely with the Landscape Institute to encourage responsible design, offering support to specifiers across the country.

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