new british standard for concrete welcomed

Leading construction materials supplier, Aggregate Industries, welcomes the newly revised British standard for concrete, BS 8500, signifying a substantial leap forward for the construction industry in the UK.

Concrete Cube Tests at Cement Laboratory


The upcoming changes are set to transform the industry, broadening the spectrum of available low-carbon mixes for designers, contractors and manufacturers. By increasing the cementitious options available, the introduction of additional multi-component blends opens the door for scalable, low-carbon options that have the potential to become the default solution, as the standard will now allow additional Portland-composite cements (CEM II/C-M) as well as other composite cements (CEM VI).

It will also address aspects such as properties of fresh and hardened concrete, composition limitations, delivery procedures and conformity criteria – ushering in a new era of sustainable concrete production practices.

As an industry leader, Aggregate Industries will be hosting a webinar series, focusing on the recent changes to the BS 8500 standard, specifically delving into the impacts on concrete specification. The first session is scheduled for 1 st December 2023, at 11:00 AM. Those
interested in attending can register for here for free.

Mark Hickingbottom, Commercial Director at Aggregate Industries, said: “We applaud the newly revised BS 8500 as a significant advancement for the construction industry and we’re ready to assist customers in capitalising on these new changes. It not only broadens the array of available low-carbon concrete mixes, but also positions Aggregate Industries at the forefront of this sustainable shift.

“Leveraging our industry partnerships, we collaborate closely with key associations to drive innovation, coupled with initiatives such as the sector's first customisable carbon reporting tool and our low-carbon portfolio. We strive to empower informed choices and look forward to hosting a series of educational webinars for the industry.”

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