In continuing to lead the charge in getting more women into construction, Aggregate Industries has met the criteria to join a unique female-friendly job site in a progressive move forward for the UK.


WORK180; a pioneering jobs platform that pre-screens employers to ensure they support women’s careers, has named Aggregate Industries as an ‘Endorsed Employer of Women’. In order to receive this accolade and join the site, each business is evaluated against 20 strict criteria, including pay equality, flexible working, women in leadership, paid parental leave, access to mentor programs and much more.

Founded in Australia three years ago, the site is now making its mark on the UK in its mission to become the number one job platform for women globally by 2022 – with Aggregate Industries being the first entrant for the UK construction sector.

Hazel Mooney, Talent Acquisition Lead at Aggregate Industries, comments: “Despite progress made in recent years, there is no escaping the fact that there is still a huge job to do in dispelling this age-old image of our industry as being male dominated and having to work harder to attract female talent.

“By joining WORK180 we hope to show we are an inclusive, gender-neutral organisation which doesn’t just welcome female workers – we’re actively seeking them.”

This latest activity further emphasises Aggregate Industries’ continued commitment to encouraging women into its workforce. Through its diversity and inclusion strategy the business aims to achieve a minimum of 20 per cent gender balance by 2020, a target which is currently on target to be exceeded.

As part of this, Aggregate Industries has already increased female intake for its graduate and higher apprenticeship schemes. As a result a third of all graduates and high apprentices taken on in 2015 and 2016 were female – covering the full spectrum of corporate and operational roles. In addition, the business recently set up a female mentor programme specifically for graduates to help support with career and professional development.

Hazel adds: “As an industry, we must take decisive action to tackle the gender equality issue if we are to ensure a thriving future workforce and help to bridge the escalating skills gap. We believe joining WORK180 is a positive step forward for the plight and we are incredibly proud to be part of the platform.”

Gemma Lloyd, co-founder, WORK180, comments: “Aggregate Industries’ commitment to improving the gender balance will help shake the UK construction industry out of its male-dominated slumber. By taking such as proactive stance, not only is Aggregate Industries better placed to benefit from attracting more women to the company, but it is setting a new standard for the rest of the industry to live up to.”

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