Poetry Paving: Charcon transforms London station with engraved slabs and unique sundial

Charcon, the hard landscaping division of Aggregate Industries, has helped to transform Walthamstow Central Station in London, providing unique poetry-engraved paving and a giant decorative sundial to a major revamp of the busy transport link.

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As part of the Walthamstow Gateway project, a partnership between Solum, Network Rail and Kier Property, 79 apartments have been built next to Walthamstow Central Station – a vital public transport hub in North East London. The recently completed project also features wider regeneration of the station area; including modernising entrances, resurfacing and landscaping pedestrian walkways, kerbs and a nearby roundabout to ease congestion.

Working with Landscape Architect Fabrik, contractors Osbourne and Toureen, the Charcon team were given a unique brief; to supply paving engraved with poetry for use on the station forecourt as well as a giant decorative sun-dial to feature as the centrepiece of the forecourt roundabout. The sundial itself came with its own distinctive design, with bollards acting as hour markers to prevent vehicles stopping and mounting the paving.

The project required block paving for the station car park in addition to high-end concrete paving for the pedestrian route from the station to the resident’s apartment block entrance and the pedestrian link to Queen’s road station.

Stepping up to the challenge, Charcon provided a range of often bespoke solutions incorporating natural stone, concrete paving and high-end granite kerbs. The phased project saw woburn paving, granite poem slabs, kerbs and marker bollards supplied to the station forecourt. 

Woburn block paving was used to provide a hard-wearing, stylish surface capable of withstanding the high traffic a  nd footfall of the station car park, while StoneMaster concrete paving, designed and engineered to replicate natural stone was used on the pedestrian link route. Lastly, high quality Portuguese granite was used to provide a durable and striking finish for the kerb leading to the sundial.

Overcoming several challenges throughout the project, the Charcon team worked tirelessly to support a phased installation programme as well as meeting tight deadlines to supply the poetry-engraved slabs, sun dial markers, and procure granite from Portugal in time for the first phase of the development. The result is a modern and stunning public realm created in and around Walthamstow Central Station.

Mark Barter, Sales Director at Charcon, commented: “As a busy and bustling train station in London, the revamp of Walthamstow Central Station is unlike any other, giving us an unusual brief to provide slabs that could be engraved with poetry and paving to create a distinctive sundial.

“Our team has worked hard to provide the technical expertise and rapid sourcing required to meet the unique needs of the project. We are delighted our natural stone, concrete paving and high granite kerbs have helped to create a striking and contemporary environment.”

For further information, visit www.charcon.com. For technical support, please call 01335 372 222 or email landscaping@aggregate.com.

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