Natural Slate extends and compliments the Bradstone roofing range.


In many areas, especially conservation or heritage where Bradstone walling is often used,  as well as a demand for tradition stone look roofing, such as our Cotswold or Crofters products, there is often also a demand for high quality natural slate.

To cater for this, We have called upon its network of contacts to source a natural slate that offers both high quality and outstanding aesthetics, not only to compliment its walling products and its roofing offering, but also to supply a product with the backing of a major brand and company within the house building industry.

Most importantly, the slate has been subjected to the testing procedures in EN 12326-1:2004 and is rated A1-T1-S1. There are full accompanying documents available from our website.

The slate is dark grey in colour, (as opposed to the more common blue/black), and features a textured surface, and a dressed edge to give definition on the roof, especially at height.  Importantly the slate is also pre-holed to give less on site breakages.

The slates are available in the popular 600x300mm size, as well as 500x250mm and slate and a halfs are also available, to enable difficult shapes and patterns to be cut without leaving small pieces of slate in valleys or at edges.

A full range of accessories is also available including a dry fix ventilated ridge and hip system, as well as slate ventilators. 

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