Lytag - sportag

Lytag® lightweight aggregate is ideal for green roofs.

Features and benefits


Lytag lightweight aggregate is up to 40% lighter than natural aggregate concrete, making it ideal for green roofs, and for tray systems

Advantages: Reduced dead load, lighter support structure required

Benefits: Greater flexibility in design


An articulated truck can carry 36m3 of Lytag compared with 18m3 of natural aggregate. More volume per truck reduces vehicle trips, haulage costs and environmental impact

Advantages: Quicker delivery to site

Benefits: Savings in time, unit and haulage costs; less environmental impact

Strength and stability

Lytag's rounded shape and strength means it will not compact or break up over time, unlike irregular shaped aggregate, which can compact and silt up

Advantages: No clogging, degradation or impediments to drainage; no damage to plastic pipes, membranes or bags

Benefits: Extended life of the system; reduced maintenance costs; higher performing green roof

High absorption

Rapid dispersion of water is improved by both high absorption and lack of compaction. Low compaction offers improved rates of hydraulic conductivity compared to natural aggregates

Advantages: Drainage systems are vastly improved

Benefits: An efficient green roof system; lower maintenance and replacement costs.

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  • High-rise
  • Industrial and commercial
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