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Sands topdressing products play a crucial role in maintaining the desirable playing conditions on golf courses, ensuring that fairways, greens, and bunkers are in great shape. Engineered to provide superior drainage, stability, and optimum turf growth conditions, our golf course sands meets unrivalled standards of quality and consistency. 

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Quality & consistency

Daily inhouse sampling and rigorous testing through both internal and external labs. High emphasis on consistency. The sand infill duplicates the slide and bounce that is normally unique to a clay surface. 


Market leading percolation rate makes our sand excellent for drainage issues. Free draining properties, which help prevent water ponding in the bunkers, ensuring that the playing surfaces remain dry and playable even after heavy rains. 

Aesthetic appeal

Our light-colored sands enhance the visual appeal of golf courses. With the correct maintenance programme and in line with industry recommendations, Garside Sands offer a 5 year warranty on the colour integrity of the sand. 

Why use our golf course sand products?

Our Levenseat and Garside quarries are known and respected in the industry for their high quality and consistent specialist sands. Our golf range has been specifically developed to meet the needs of all golf course applications. Whether it's for turf establishment, bunker maintenance, or soil amendment, our range of specialised sands guarantees optimal playing surfaces and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the golf course.

Due to our unique logistics network, we offer nationwide availability for a wide variety of applications, ensuring that you can always access the products you need, wherever your course is located. 

Our products meet unrivaled standards of quality and consistency, making them the ideal choice for any golf course application.


ProGolf 20 & 25
ProGolf Iron
ProGolf 2EW


The ProGolf products can be used as a moist top dressing, rootzone sand or where coarse amelioration is required. Levenseat ProGolf 20 is a specialist washed medium coarse silica sand, while Levenseat ProGolf 25 is a specialist medium fine washed silica sand. 

The production process ensures that ProGolf 20 and ProGolf 25 have a market leading percolation rate which will improve any area where drainage is an issue. Levenseat ProGolf 20 and ProGolf 25 have a particle distribution in line with the USGA recommendations for a putting green construction.

ProGolf 20 Data Sheet

ProGolf 25 Data Sheet

ProDivot Premium


Our preferred sand for the amelioration of greens and fairways. Our amelioration sand is specifically designed to create a well structured soil with air-filled soil pores. This type of sand helps improve the aeration of the soil which creates air spaces to allow roots and micro-organisms to respire.

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Garside ProGolf 2EW

A sterilised amelioration sand for greens.

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ProGolf Rootzone

ProGolf Premium Rootzone
ProGolf Rootzone
ProGolf Premium Rootzone


ProGolf Rootzone Premium is made from the highest-quality soils and sands and comes pre-mixed to guarantee the correct ratio. Our rootzone soil sand blend helps to provide an optimum environment for grass roots to grow. ProGolf Rootzone Premium is subjected to our most rigorous test protocol at external labs to meet the USGA Recommendations contained within the document “A Method of Putting Green Construction” (2018 revision).

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Golfing range green hill and sky


ProGolf Rootzone is a versatile soil sand blend designed to be used on Golf courses. Thanks to its rich nutrients and beneficial bacteria, using it will contribute to the growth of lush, healthy grass. Our medium fine rootzone is our option for use on golf greens and tee construction.

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ProDivot Premium
ProDivot Premium

LEVENSEAT ProDivot Premium

The Levenseat ProDivot Premium range has been carefully created to offer a choice depending on your course specific requirements. It is a screened sand and soil mix option when blend ratio is not important. ProDivot Premium gives an alternative option whilst still maintaining a quality, screened mix. Used for growing medium to repair the course.

Levenseat brochure



A screened sand and soil mix option when blend ratio is not important.

Levenseat Brochure

ProBunker & ProBunker 20

ProBunker & ProBunker 20

levenseat ProBunker

With a very attractive, light colour, Levenseat ProBunker and ProBunker 20 are specialist silica sands that are extremely popular for use as a bunker sand. This is due to their free draining properties, which help prevent water ponding in the Bunker. ProBunker will work best against balls plugging in base sand. Levenseat ProBunker will aid and open up a locking local sand when raked through. It removes issues of sand splash when you top dress with ProGolf 20. Also ideal if you are looking to move from your existing sand over a period of time.

Levenseat ProBunker meets the guidelines laid out in the“Turf Management for Golf Courses”, based on the research carried out by Dr KW Brown and JC Thomas. 

ProBunker Data Sheet

ProBunker 20 Data Sheet


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