Charcon H2O Linear is a hybrid surface water drainage system that combines the benefits of proven materials and robust manufacturing techniques to create an exceptional surface water drainage product for external use. Constructed to focus on strength, rigidity and lighter weight, providing the perfect solution.

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Ideal in paved and landscaped areas

Ideal in paved and landscaped areas – the narrow design of the slot drain means that less material is exposed than with other linear drainage systems, making it truly unobtrusive

Ideal in heavy loading traffic areas

Ideal in heavy loading traffic areas – the strong, durable design means that when installed with a full concrete surround, it can be used in areas of heavy loading traffic up to F900

Recycled and recyclable

Recycled and recyclable – manufactured from both recycled and recyclable materials

Simple to install

Simple to install – you don’t need to assemble on site and because it has push-fit connections with a range of easy to use accessories, it is quicker and simpler to install than other drainage systems

Cost effective

Cost effective – when installed in large drainage areas, it works out as a more cost-effective drainage solution. The lightweight nature of the product also saves you transport and installation costs

Long design life

Long design life – the twinwall HDPE channel is made from 100% recyclable material and is resistant to a range of chemicals.

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H2O Linear Drainage technical data sheet

charcon h2o linear drainage tds sept 21 (pdf, 2.93 MB)

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