Introducing our latest innovation: DYNAMax, a new high-performance concrete that reinforces the business’ commitment to building progress towards a more sustainable construction industry. 

DYNAMax will complement Aggregate Industries’ existing range of low carbon concrete products, while opening up a wide range of application opportunities, such as high-rise and infrastructure projects, residential and commercial buildings, and institutional and special construction. 

Designed for technically demanding structures, DYNAMax allows for increased functionality, flexibility, and freedom in design for both architects and engineers, and ensures more usable space for the same building volume, such as increased number of floors or floor heights within the same building height. DYNAMax also allows thinner cross-sections for columns, walls and slabs to be used, as well as substantially longer spans and longer column grids.

In application, it offers the same working processes as conventional concrete, excellent pumping properties and high early strength, durability and stiffness.  Easy to lay, it allows for faster and more effective construction processes with reduced workforce requirements, supporting resource efficiency and reduction of carbon footprint over the whole construction lifetime. It can also be enabled by smart digital technology for end-to-end process and product control.

DYNAMax is fully recyclable, contributing to a positive circular economy, and can be produced locally, reducing transportation journey times, helping to deliver on more environmentally friendly and eco-balanced buildings.

In situ, the high durability of DYNAMax significantly increases the technical service life of buildings, as well as minimising maintenance and lifecycle costs. 

Lee Sleight, Managing Director of RMX Concrete at Aggregate Industries, comments:

“We are committed to delivering multi-dimensional value to all our product solutions and services, which includes contributing towards a more sustainable future.  DYNAMax pushes the boundaries of engineering design to help build more for less with clear benefits for clients and designers such as increased design freedom, lower material demand, ease of placement and increased sustainable benefits, all without compromising on performance.  In other words, it is the ultimate performance concrete for new and innovative designs, environmental challenges, and technical requirements in the construction industry.”


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