Aggregate Industries’ Contracting team hits the small screen

An Aggregate Industries contracting team is being featured in a prime-time television show which shines a light on how England’s roads are maintained.

Promotional image for Channel 5 docu-series The Motorway which features a night shift with an Aggregate Industries contracting team resurfacing the M62


The third series of The Motorway is back on Channel 5’s screens. The docu-series follows National Highways and what it takes to look after the road network.

A film crew from the show’s makers, Fearless TV, spent a night shift with Aggregate Industries’ Contracting team in the north-west, as they resurfaced part of the M62 between Broad Lane and Rakewood between junctions 21 and 22 as part of an ongoing maintenance programme.

The cameras captured the Aggregate Industries team as they had to close three lanes of the motorway to plane and resurface a 1 km stretch of the road.The show follows the team as they raced against the clock to ensure all works were safely completed in time for a 6am reopening, in time for the morning commuter traffic.

The programme features Contracts Supervisor Leigh Brusby as he oversees the evening’s work and liaises with the company’s Salford Asphalt Plant at Weast to organise truck deliveries of the surface layer product.

A camera crew from Fearless TV filing for The Motorway look on as Aggregate Industries resurface the M62

Thomas Edgcumbe, Managing Director for Aggregate Industries’ Surfacing Solutions division, said: “It was great to be able to work with Channel 5 to take the cameras out and showcase some of the great work we do as a business.

“National Highways is a key customer for Aggregate Industries, we work in collaboration to deliver exceptional customer service and technical excellence.

“The programme follows a very typical night shift highlighting our team’s first class delivery under tight time scales, and provides a great example of our focus on delivering a quality product, safely and on time.

“We hope people enjoy getting an insight into what it takes to resurface this busy section of road.”

A camera crew from Fearless TV filing for The Motorway look on as Aggregate Industries resurface the M62

National Highways Customer Service Director Andy Butterfield said: “Our colleagues in the supply chain do an amazing job in keeping our motorways running and helping road users and the new series of The Motorway demonstrates this perfectly, shining a light on the sterling work that goes on to keep our customers on the move.  

“The segment of this week’s episode with Aggregate Industries shows the level of planning and meticulous detail that goes into resurfacing a section of Motorway, all overnight in tight time windows, so most motorists will never be impacted. I’m sure those watching will get a much greater understanding of the challenges involved.”

Episode six of The Motorway airs on Channel 5 on Monday 30 October at 8pm or people can catch up on the show via My5.

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