record-breaking 1,395 tonnes of material laid in one night

The Project

In March 2017, the contracting arm of Aggregate Industries has proven its resilience once again in successfully planing out and laying a record-breaking 1395 tonnes of road surfacing material in just one night, as part of a M1 Smart Motorways resurfacing scheme

The Background

The M1 Smart Motorways (J32-J35A) resurfacing scheme is within the Highways England programme of upgrading the M1 into a Smart Motorway all-lane running motorway.

The Problem

In order to alleviate driver disruption as much as possible, the challenge was to plane and surface 1400tonnes in one night, between junctions 33 and 32, during a full South-bound closure.

The Solution

Aggregate Industries’ Northern Director, Richard Needham’s approach was to collaborate as early as possible with Highways England, Costain and Tripod Crest - its cold milling partner, in order to ensure a meticulous approach to achieve a maximum possible output within the restricted time frame (10pm - 5am).

Richard said: “This method of lean deployment is one of the new approaches that we are implementing on the Highways England network. The aim is to drive efficiency, reduce network occupancy and disruption to road users. This will ultimately support Highways England in achieving its aim of generating £300m of efficiency through its pavement packages, as part of £1.2b efficiency savings required by 2020.”

In order to maximise the paving window Aggregate Industries’ Contracting team used three planers in echelon to plane depth of 45mm across two lanes, down the length of motorway; whilst two planer addressed the plug joints at the start of the works, moving onto those further down the area. Equally innovative, Aggregate Industries used one of its 8.5metre extended pavers paired with the MT300-2i Powerfeeder to allow simultaneous paving of two lanes. When used together with an increased capacity paver hopper continuous material can be fed and increased outputs can be achieved. The paver screed extensions were pre-rigged at Aggregate Industries’ Tinsley Depot saving an additional hour of the possession,

A lean approach to onsite vehicle management was also paramount. An exceptional vehicle movement order was obtained to transport the pre-rigged paver to site. Over 100 lorries were used to remove planings and deliver fresh asphalt. Fortunately, Aggregate Industries’ unique approach reduced lorry discharge times to just three minutes per lorry, further increasing paving lay rates.

With the job successfully completed in full and on deadline. Due to Aggregate Industries Contracting team’s renowned high quality standard, the end result is a new record for planing and surfacing with a single paver and crew in one shift.

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Project details

  • Roads

  • Highways England

  • Costain

    • Simultaneous paving of two lanes
    • Successfully completed in full and on deadline
Warm mix asphalt

Aggregate Industries is driving forward with the commitment towards Net Zero. Moving our asphalt production from hot mix to warm mix.

Benefits include:

  • carbon reduction
  • reduced project costs 
  • enhanced life-expectancy
  • …with the same high quality and performance when compared to hot mix. 

“With over 80 years of experience in highways maintenance, road surfacing construction and associated civil engineering services, we are well versed in completing large scale projects within limited timeframes. As such, through extensive pre-planning and continued collaboration with all involved parties, we were able to complete this complex job within a record-breaking one night shift. This is testament to the sheer hard work and dedication of our team and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all involved.”

Paddy Murphy| Managing Director of Contracting Services at Aggregate Industries