Lightening the load for 20 Old Bailey redevelopment

The Project

Aggregate Industries has been awarded a prestigious new contract to provide its revolutionary Lytag product in the £60 million modernisation of the 20 Old Bailey redevelopment in London.

The Background

Located close to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the 1980s era building at 20 Old Bailey, designed by BuckleyGrayYeoman, is due to be completed in spring 2017.The redevelopment, awarded to ISG, incorporates a complete modernisation programme, involving extensive structural alterations, internal remodeling, and the addition of two further floors at roof level.

The Problem

Core to the building’s restructure is a large atrium which runs approximately 100 metres at about 6 metres wide. Here, the challenge for Specialist Screed Flooring Solutions was to retain a light, versatile quick dry floor screed onto which mobile access plant could be used.

The Solution

Cue Aggregate Industries and its revolutionary Lytag lightweight secondary aggregate. Specifically designed and manufactured to meet the complex requirements of modern construction practice, Lytag produces one of the fastest drying, lightweight offerings to the market.

By using Lytag, ISG will be able to reduce the dead load of the construction by approximately 40 per cent over conventional screed, whilst maintaining its structural integrity.

Another benefit of this approach is improved sustainability. Lytag, being a secondary aggregate, also reduces the demand for natural quarried material. With an ever increasing emphasis being put on sustainable construction, the use of secondary aggregate will help the building gain additional valuable points towards achieving BREEAM ratings.

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Project details

  • BuckleyGrayYeoman

  • Buildings

  • ISG

    • Light, versatile quick dry floor screed
    • Improved sustainability

The only UK based manufacturer of environmentally friendly, PFA based lightweight aggregate. Suitable for use in structural concrete, precast, fill, blocks, screed and drainage applications.

“The beauty of lightweight solutions is that it can offer exactly the same level of structural performance as normal weight aggregate however it is significantly lighter, thus reducing the dead load of a building. For 20 Old Bailey this has not only enabled greater design freedom but reduced the overall construction programme therefore reducing associated construction costs.”

Barry Mellor| Commercial Manager at Lytag