The only UK based manufacturer of environmentally friendly, PFA based lightweight aggregate. Suitable for use in structural concrete, precast, fill, blocks, screed and drainage applications.


Technical documents

Download any of the following Lytag technical data sheets below;

  • Intro to Lytag (pdf, 654.72 KB)
  • Intro to Lytag section 2 (pdf, 705.82 KB)
  • Lytag mix design (pdf, 680.19 KB)
  • Design guidance for Lytag LWAC (pdf, 833.46 KB)
  • Manufacture of LWAC using Lytag LWA (pdf, 626.32 KB)
  • Lytag LWAC in steel decking and composite (pdf, 754.2 KB)
  • Lytag LWA roof and floor screeds (pdf, 1.73 MB)
  • Rapid drying lightweight screeds (pdf, 810.2 KB)
  • Lytag for structural fill (pdf, 619.4 KB)
  • Lytag in drainage applications (pdf, 670.8 KB)
  • Vehicle arrestors (pdf, 699.93 KB)
  • Lytag refractory grade aggregates (pdf, 701.34 KB)
  • Lytag for precast concrete (pdf, 608.99 KB)
  • Lytag for animal housing (pdf, 604.21 KB)
  • Lytag water filtration (pdf, 719.27 KB)
  • Geofill (pdf, 703.57 KB)
  • Self-compacting lightweight aggregate concrete (pdf, 604.92 KB)
  • Lytag bagged aggregate (pdf, 625.54 KB)
  • Hortag® (pdf, 669.27 KB)
  • Lytag filtration for aquariums and garden ponds (pdf, 603.35 KB)
  • Geofill (pdf, 703.57 KB)
  • Lytag technical data sheet for green roof (pdf, 603.24 KB)

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Lytag CPD Seminar

A quick overview of where PFA comes from and how its generated into a useable building product.