Long lasting, Super grippy performance asphalt

SuperCurve asphalt is expertly tailored for the UK’s most trafficked and high-stress areas, such as junctions and roundabouts. As a high-performance, BBA HAPAS approved, 10mm polymer modified asphalt surface course, it boasts remarkable durability and efficiency, simplifying installation in bustling urban areas. The SuperCurve 942 variant includes a 5-year warranty.

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Efficient Installation

SuperCurve's workability ensures a faster, smoother installation process, especially in urban areas, reducing road closures and public inconvenience.

Cost-Effective Solution

By extending road life and minimising the need for frequent repairs, SuperCurve presents a cost-effective solution for long-term infrastructure investment.

Sustainability Benefits

100% recyclable and available as a warm mix asphalt, SuperCurve lowers the carbon footprint and supports eco-friendly projects.

SuperCurve in action

Why use SuperCurve?

Recognising the challenges our customers face with sustainability and infrastructure demands, SuperCurve serves as a solution. It not only prolongs road life, minimising disruptions and maintenance costs, but also champions eco-conscious objectives with its recyclable attributes and diminished carbon footprint. In essence, SuperCurve encapsulates reliability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

SuperCurve Asphalt is a performance product tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the UK's most trafficked and high-stress areas, particularly roundabouts and junctions. The chief quality of this 10mm polymer modified asphalt surface course is its high-performance design that ensures enhanced durability and safety. This offers a highly resilient road surface, reduces disruptions, and emphasises both cost-efficiency and sustainability. An added benefit is its workability that facilitates a streamlined installation process.

SuperCurve 942 is a specialised variant of the primary SuperCurve product. While it retains all the fundamental attributes of the SuperCurve asphalt, what sets it apart is its BBA HAPAS approval for SHW Clause 942. This accreditation ensures that the product meets specific rigorous standards, especially for National Highways-controlled trunk roads and motorways. Another significant distinction is the 5-year warranty it comes with when installed by an approved contractor. The warranty is not just a testament to the product's quality but also underscores the importance of the installation process, thereby emphasising that SuperCurve 942 is not just about the material but also about the system from production to final installation.


SuperCurve & SuperCurve 942 Applications:

  • High-Traffic Zones: Areas that experience a high volume of vehicles daily.
  • Urban Carriageways: Roads situated in bustling urban areas.
  • Roundabouts: Specifically designed to withstand the torsional forces experienced on roundabouts.
  • Junctions: Areas that require enhanced durability due to heavy braking and turning forces.
  • Road Repair & Maintenance: Suitable for patching up worn-out or damaged sections of roads.
  • New Road Constructions: An ideal choice for newly developed roads needing durable surface materials.
  • SuperCurve 942 - National Highways: Specifically tailored for use on National Highways-controlled trunk roads and motorways due to its BBA HAPAS approval for SHW Clause 942.
  • SuperCurve 942 - Long-Term Infrastructure Projects: Where a 5-year surface integrity warranty against defects is essential.



  • BBA HAPAS Approval: Certified as a high-performance asphalt product.
  • Polymer Modified Asphalt: Uses a 10mm polymer modified surface course.
  • Dense Mix Composition: Typically exhibits in situ voids of less than 5%.
  • Texture Depth: Ranges between 1.0mm - 1.3mm upon installation.
  • Recyclable: SuperCurve is 100% recyclable, emphasising our commitment to sustainability.
  • Warm Mix Asphalt: SuperCurve is supplied as a warm mix asphalt, reducing the carbon footprint by 8-10%.

SuperCurve 942

  • Includes all the SuperCurve Specifications.
  • BBA HAPAS Approval for SHW Clause 942: Meets the stringent requirements.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 5-year surface integrity warranty against defects when installed by an approved contractor or our own contracting service.

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