Aggregate Industries becomes the first building materials manufacturer to adopt a complete monitoring solution for managing environmental impact

Leading the way in sustainable construction, Aggregate Industries has become the first building materials manufacturer in the world to adopt a complete monitoring solution for managing environmental impact.

Aggregate Industries has integrated the EVS Omnis system from Envirosuite into its Lafarge Cement operation in Cauldon, Staffordshire, to help the business proactively manage noise and air quality.

EVS Omnis is a cloud-based environmental management software designed for users to easily interpret complex environmental information. It will enable Lafarge Cement to proactively monitor and manage the environmental impact of its operations at important locations beyond its site boundary.

Operators at Aggregate Industries’ Lafarge Cement plant in Cauldon can now use situational awareness provided by EVS Omnis to respond to site-generated noise and air quality concerns, plan for changing weather risk and engage with stakeholders. It simplifies and streamlines recording processes and gathers actionable insights, providing real-time alerts before issues arise.

Kirstin McCarthy, Sustainability Director at Aggregate Industries, comments: “Understanding the environment we operate in, and the impact we’re having, is integral to our business strategy and our commitment to building progress towards a more sustainable construction industry. We know that noise and dust can have an impact on surrounding communities, which is why we’re extremely proud to become the first cement plant in the world to commit to using a complete monitoring solution. EVS Omnis will allow us to continuously monitor at key community locations 365 days a year. This will help us to not only better understand our operations within the local community but also give us insights into our processes to proactively manage them. We expect the system to be operational by the end of this year”

Jason Cooper, CEO from Envirosuite, comments: “There's a growing need for industrial facilities to act on highly accurate data and insights about changing environmental conditions. We’re incredibly excited that Aggregate Industries will use the EVS Omnis platform for an all-in-one solution to manage air quality and noise at their Cauldon site. Operational teams will now be empowered with situational awareness to reduce environmental impact, engage with stakeholders transparently and maximise productivity.”

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