Aggregate Industries launches Aggneo 100% natural secondary aggregate

Aggregate Industries has launched Aggneo, a 100 natural secondary aggregate that offers a sustainable solution and the same quality and performance as virgin aggregate. It can be used for a range of civil engineering and building applications, from tunnel and road construction to precast concrete products for use in commercial and residential landscaping.

Offering the same strength and durability as virgin aggregate, Aggneo secondary aggregates are sourced from two locations; Aggregate Industries’ Lee Moor quarry and an active China Clay quarry, which are both located within the Lee Moor China Clay complex in the Southwest of England. China clay extraction has taken place since the 1800s and generates high volumes of waste which was tipped on site or and had little or limited use.
Aggregate Industries Aggneo concrete product
Now, Aggregate Industries can reuse this through Aggneo, meaning previously wasted aggregate can be repurposed to build new homes and roads rather than becoming landfill waste, helping to drive a circular economy within the construction industry. 
Andy Swinnerton, Aggregates Managing Director at Aggregate Industries, comments: “Sourcing more sustainable building materials is a vital part of our journey, and every tonne of Aggneo ensures a positive impact on the landscape. By repurposing waste material and quarrying by-products, we are also helping to drive a circular economy in the construction sector. Aggneo is a sustainable choice for construction and will help building projects become part of a greener future for our planet.”
Dragan Maksimovic, Chief Executive of Aggregate Industries, adds: “As one the UK’s largest building materials suppliers, it is vital we contribute to building a greener, smarter world for all. We seek to accelerate our carbon reduction not only by introducing environmentally friendlier products but by identifying opportunities in all our manufacturing processes, be it by reducing the plastic in our packaging or by using recycled boxes for our samples. Aggneo is one of many initiatives that is helping us achieve our ambitions to be at the forefront of sustainable construction.”
Aggneo is part of Aggregate Industries’ Life range of sustainable building products. It also proudly carries the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label from the Solar Impulse Foundation, which is awarded to products that combine credible environmental and economic performance while outperforming the mainstream options in the market.
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