Aggregate Industries strengthens asphalt offering with quartet of new products

Leading construction materials supplier Aggregate Industries has today launched four new products, further bolstering its asphalt offering.




The four asphalts - SuperLayer®, SuperPath, SuperSAMI and SuperCurve® - will give specifiers even more scope to find the perfect solution for their specific requirements.

Laying asphalt on the M23 motorway


SuperLayer is a specially designed asphalt mix that can be laid in a single lift to form a combined surface and binder course layer, and can also remove the requirement for a regulating course layer. It therefore provides a faster, safer, durable and environmentally sustainable solution to urban, commercial and residential road projects, be they new build or purely maintenance.


SuperPath is a fast, single lift, durable and environmentally sustainable solution replacing traditional two course construction on urban, commercial and residential footway and cycleway construction projects.

The single application SuperPath means it can be applied quicker, enabling reduced disruption to the public. It is ideal for footways and cycleways thanks to its excellent load bearing capability whilst maintaining surface texture.


A stress absorbing membrane interlayer (SAMI), SuperSami can be used  where reflective cracking is a problem, for example to overlay jointed concrete carriageways or on hydraulically bound mixtures in flexible composite pavements prior to installing binder and surface courses.

Fully recyclable SuperSAMI is highly fatigue and crack resistant, workable and easy to lay and compact, with no special equipment required to lay it.


A high performance 10mm polymer modified asphalt surface course designed and engineered to provide enhanced performance for more heavily trafficked and stressed road carriageways areas, such as roundabouts and junctions.

New SuperCurve offers an alternative to a standard hot-rolled or chip asphalt, which saves on the cost of a chipping gang. It has been developed in order to meet the Specification for Highway Works clause 942 and can be formulated to meet that standard at the specifier’s request.

Commenting on the new products, Chris Hudson, Managing Director of Asphalt at Aggregate Industries, said: “We’re delighted to launch these four new asphalts, each offering a particular set of benefits for a wide array of applications. Our focus, as ever, is on providing our customers with the right product for the job, while offering convenience and sustainability as standard.

“Furthermore, SuperLayer, SuperPath and SuperCurve can all be offered in our SuperLow configuration, which gives specifiers the option of reducing the carbon impact of their asphalt of choosing all the way to carbon neutral.”

SuperLow - which launched in October of this year - is the market’s first carbon-neutral asphalt solution. It features reduced carbon levels when compared to standard asphalt as it is manufactured at reduced temperatures. All remaining emissions are then offset through carbon reduction projects on the customer’s behalf through Aggregate Industries’ offsetting partner, Circular Ecology, all without any change to product performance.

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