Aggregate Industries launches green concrete ECOPact in the UK

Leading construction materials supplier Aggregate Industries has today launched its new low carbon range of concrete: ECOPact

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As demand for more sustainable materials in the construction industry increases, Aggregate Industries’ ECOPact offers a range of green concrete solutions that meets the evolving needs of its customers and clients without compromising on quality.

ECOPact gives customers a range of options to reduce the CO2 emissions of their concrete supply by between 30% and 70% compared to standard (CEM I) concrete:

ECOPact - 30-50% Carbon reduction
A low carbon concrete utilising blended cement, that has between 30-50% CO 2 reduction compared to a standard concrete (CEMI) mix.

ECOPact Prime - 50-70% Carbon reduction

An engineered low carbon concrete utilising higher blends of cements using GGBS and FlyAsh substitutes. ECOPact Prime delivers between 50-70% CO2 reduction compared to a standard concrete (CEMI) mix. 

ECOPact Max - Above 70% Carbon Reduction
Our lowest carbon range of concrete using cement alternative technology such as Geopolymers and alkaline activators, offering a minimum of 70% CO2 reduction compared to a standard concrete (CEMI) mix. 

Additionally, customers can also choose to upgrade any ECOPact product to ECOPact Zero - a carbon neutral offering achieved through offsetting any residual CO2. Aggregate Industries manages this by buying credits in carbon reduction projects on the customer’s behalf through its offsetting partner; Circular Ecology. These projects include reforestation, clean water projects and investment in renewables.

Guy Edwards, Chief Executive Officer at Aggregate Industries, said: “We are delighted to launch the ECOPact range of low carbon concretes in the UK, and we cannot wait for our customers to reap the benefits.

“Reducing carbon emissions has long been a goal of the construction industry. Aggregate Industries has always driven this, becoming the first materials supplier to achieve PAS 2080 verification by demonstrating continuous improvement in reducing the whole life carbon emissions across the entirety of our operations and supply chain. The launch of ECOPact is another step in Aggregate Industries’ transition towards even more sustainable building materials and towards a more sustainable construction industry overall.”

Those interested in the ECOPact range can get a clear understanding of their individual requirements and potential carbon savings through using Aggregate Industries’ simple to use carbon calculator. The calculator, which includes over 100 different mixes, recommends all of the available ECOPact options together with the embodied carbon for each level, making the product selection much easier. In addition, Aggregate Industries has an experienced technical team on hand to discuss options or project specific carbon calculations if required.

Max Colligan, Managing Director of Readymix Concrete at Aggregate Industries, said: “We have invested in new technology like the calculator, drawn on our world class research and development facility and utilised local expertise in the development of ECOPact. Ultimately, this will help the construction industry to make better, sustainable material decisions.

“Our customers will not only benefit from the product’s sustainability credentials and great performance, but also exceptional service. All of our readymix teams - client facing and otherwise - have been involved in a series of training sessions, not only to help understand the solutions we have but also to have a better understanding of carbon and why this matters.”

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ECOPact - The Green Concrete

You do not have to compromise when choosing a sustainable concrete.

Whether you're aiming to reduce your carbon footprint, optimise mix designs or reduce the volume used. The ECOPact range of low carbon concrete gives you options, with the same performance as traditional concrete. Simply choose the level that's right for you.