ECOPlanet Sulfate Resistant Cement

the low carbon, ultimate strength solution

With 30% less carbon than any other Portland cement currently available in the UK, ECOPlanet Endure offers the perfect combination of eco credentials and great performance. 

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High Strength


Low Carbon

30% less than CEM I

Moderate Setting

180 mins


Superior Looks
  • Lighter colour tone
  • Enhanced finish
  • Looks that stand the test of time
Smoother Mix
  • Produces smoother concrete and mortar 
  • Moderate setting times for easy installation
  • Improved pumpability and placement
Improved Durability
  • Reduces risk of damage from chloride ingress
  • In-built protection against weathering, corrosion & cracking

About ECOPlanet Endure Cement

Giving a higher level of sulfate resistance, this versatile low carbon cement is ideal for precast, piling, drainage or volumetric concrete production and below ground concrete works.  

Offering optimal strength and durability, ECOPlanet Endure gives all the benefits of a standard portland cement product, with enhanced longevity through its proven protection against chloride ingress, corrosion and weathering. It’s moderate heat of hydration reduces thermally-induced concrete stress and risk of cracking.

Once mixed, the solution provides a smooth concrete or mortar composition with a moderate setting time for easy installation, with improved pumpability and placement.

And that's not all. With a lighter colour tone than standard cements, ECOPlanet offers and aesthetically enhanced finish, bringing together both the looks and performance to stand the test of time.


Ideal for: 

  • Precast concrete manufacturing
  • Concrete piling
  • Concrete drainage products & other below ground works
  • Volumetric concrete production


  • Fully recognised in British Standards
  • Conforms to EN197-1 CEM III/A 42,5N 
  • Setting time 180 minutes
  • 28 day typical compressive strength 63mpa
  • Designed for high exposure class concrete product manufacturing

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