The soil stabilisation solution that saves you time, money and carbon!

Designed to strengthen existing onsite material without the need to import aggregates, TerraCem soil stabiliser has been specially engineered to modify and improve soils, strengthening weak substructure layers to create a more robust working platform.

Our advanced cement blend offers a much more sustainable soil stabilisation solution, with 15% less embodied carbon than a standard Portland cement alternative. 

Plus, using TerraCem helps to reduce materials waste and the carbon emissions associated with hauling aggregates.

With a faster setting period for an even quicker installation, TerraCem works well with a variety of soil types, including sands, gravel, clay, peat and silt. It's the ideal solution for treating unsuitable or unstable soil. 

Manufactured to the highest quality standards and fully compliant with BS EN 13282-1 HRB E 4.

For more information or to discuss your cement soil stabilisation needs, please contact our specialist team on:

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TerraCem on site
Soil stabiliser on site treatment
Site post treatment


Brand: Lafarge

Colour: Grey

Location: External

Material: Cement

Applications: Roads, railways, airports, industrial, commercial & residential


As a major UK cement manufacturer, Lafarge is a leading supplier of chemical soil stabilisation materials to the UK construction industry.

Committed to innovation, Lafarge consistency integrates advanced technology into products which are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

With a national distribution network available, we can ensure a reliable supply of cementitious products throughout the UK, whatever the size and scale of your project. All backed by an exceptional level of customer service and technical support.