A range of paving designed specifically to meet The Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions ‘Guidance on the Use of Tactile Paving Surfaces’.

British Standard paving icons


Features and benefits

Hard wearing under typical pedestrian usage

Available in a range of colours to suit specific guidelines for specific areas

Designed to assist visually impaired pedestrians

Provides tactile indication of hazard areas and safe travel routes

Available in six surface profiles

  • Hazard Warning Corduroy - For use in identifying any potential hazard to pedestrians and warning them to proceed with care
  • Blister - For use in identifying a crossing place for the visually impaired. Guidelines exist concerning the use, layout and colour of blister paving
  • Guidance - For use in identifying a safe route for pedestrians to travel, avoiding obstacles and hazards
  • Platform Edge Warning (Lozenge) - Used at street level to denote the existence of a platform edge for light transport systems
  • Platform Edge Warning (Offset Blister) -  is used to indicate the presence of off-street heavy rail systems, whether mainline or underground
  • Cycleway - Used at the beginning of a shared pedestrian/cycle route to denote the path that each should follow.

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Product information

British Standard tactile technical data sheet (pdf, 588.18 KB)

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