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A range of paving designed specifically to meet The Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions ‘Guidance on the Use of Tactile Paving Surfaces’.. 

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BS EN 1339: USRV>40

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About british standard tactile paving

British Standard tactile paving is a specially designed paving system that is known for its durability and reliability under typical pedestrian usage. This type of paving comes in a variety of colours to adhere to specific guidelines for different areas, making it versatile and suitable for various environments.
One of the main purposes of British Standard tactile paving is to assist visually impaired pedestrians in navigating public spaces safely. By providing tactile indications of hazard areas and safe travel routes, this paving system enhances accessibility and promotes independence for individuals with visual impairments.
Moreover, British Standard tactile paving offers six different surface profiles to cater to different needs and requirements. Whether it's indicating a change in elevation, signalling the presence of stairs, or guiding the way along a path, this type of paving serves as a crucial tool in creating inclusive and user-friendly urban landscapes.


Tactile flag paving is suitable for high volume pedestrian areas, town centres and traffic free zones. For correct choice of flag size to suit your application, refer to BS7533 part 8. 


Size (mm)450x450450x450**400x400400x400**400x400400x400*400x400400x400*400x400
Thickness (mm)507050655050505050
Weight (kg)24.7034.0018.8024.7018.8018.8018.8018.8018.80
Weight Pack (T)0.800.950.640.740.640.640.640.640.64
ShadesBuff, RedBuff, RedGrey, Buff, CharcoalGrey, Buff, Red, CharcoalGrey, Buff, CharcoalBuff, CharcoalBuffBuffGrey, Buff
FinishBlisterBlisterBlisterBlisterHazard Warning CorduroyPlatform Edge Warning Offset BlisterPlatform Edge Warning LozengeGuidanceCycleway
Edge DetailSquareSquareSquareSquareSquareSquareSquareSquareSquare

*Indicates where the product is MTO, minimum order qtys will apply. 

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