Moordale® Textured Flag Paving

Combining textural appeal, durability and economy, Moordale Textured is a high quality flag paving that contains yorkstone and limestone aggregates.

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Features and benefits

Incorporates yorkstone and limestone aggregates

 To maximise performance and durability

Range of colours and textures

Can be used to create warm areas of solid colour or used to complement one another to provide subtle contrasts

Available in step units made to order
Ideal for urban pavements, shopping precincts and areas with occasional car or mechanical sweeper overrun.
  • Charcon Hard Landscaping
  • Concrete
  • Commercial landscaping
  • Education and healthcare
  • Non-residential
  • Infrastructure
  • Footpaths
  • Public realm
  • Buffs
  • Greys
Product category
  • Flag paving
  • Commercial landscaping
Surface finish
  • Textured
Order a sample

Add up to five samples (slips showing colour and texture) of each swatch to your basket.


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Academy Grey
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Product data
Size (mm) 600x600 450x450 450x450 600x450 400x400
Finish Textured Textured Textured Textured Textured
Thickness (mm) 50 70 50 63 50
Weight (kg) 41.7 33.1 23.9 40 18.9
Unit/m2 (approx) 2.78 4.94 4.94 3.70 6.25
No. per pack 18 20 36 16 36
M2/pack (approx) 6.47 5.26 7.29 4.32 5.76
Pack weight (T) 0.75 0.86 0.86 0.62 0.68
Shades Natural, Buff,
Academy Grey
Natural, Buff,
Academy Grey
Natural, Buff,
Academy Grey
Natural, Buff,
Academy Grey
Natural, Buff,
Academy Grey
Edge Detail Textured Textured Textured Textured Textured


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