Eco Countryside® Kerb

With up to 65% recycled or reclaimed material content this is our premium kerb for edge restraint in pedestrian and vehicular applications. 

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Recycled Content

Up to 65%

Slip Skid

BS EN 1340: USRV>40

Carbon Footprint

14.00 kg Co2 e/m2

About Eco Countryside® Kerb

The Eco Countryside Kerb is an innovative solution designed to elevate sustainability in construction projects. This eco-friendly kerb is a testament to resource efficiency, incorporating renewable materials and utilising 65% recycled or reclaimed content. Beyond its environmental benefits, the kerb serves as a reliable edge restraint for both pedestrian walkways and vehicular pathways.

With two distinct product options, the Classic and Classic Wide Top, there is the flexibility to select the ideal profile for their specific needs. Furthermore, the Eco Countryside Kerb seamlessly complements the Charcon flag and block paving ranges, ensuring a harmonious visual appeal in various landscaping applications. Emulating the luxurious look of natural granite, this kerb boasts a remarkable 33% carbon reduction compared to traditional granite alternatives, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious projects.


Eco Countryside Kerb is specifically designed for use where product appearance and environmental considerations are important criteria.



Unit TypeClassicClassic 255Standard KerbClassic CrossingClassic DropperClassic RadiusClassic QuadrantClassic Internal AngleClassic External AngleLH TansitionRH Transition
Length (mm)914914914914914780305305305914914
Height (mm)255205255150255-150255255255255255255
Width (mm)145255145145145145R305145145145/125145/125
Weight approx (kg)80.00110.0072.0090.0085.0069.0040.0034.0034.0080.0080.00
ShadesBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack Fleck
ProfileSquareSquareSquareSquareSquareSquareSquareSquareSquareSqaure / Half BatterSqaure / Half Batter
Unit TypeClassic Wide TopClassic Wide Top CrossingClassic Wide Top DropperClassic Wide Top RadiusWide Top Internal AngleWide Top External Angle 
Length (mm)914914914780290290
Height (mm)205100205-100205205255
Width (mm)290290290290290290
Weight approx (kg)125.0060.0060.00100.0040.0040.00
ShadesBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack Fleck
Unit TypeStandard KerbStandard KerbClassic Flat Top EdgingLH TransitionRH Transition
Length (mm)914914914780290
Height (mm)175175250175175
Width (mm)14514550145145
Weight approx (kg)54.0048.0015.0051.0051.00
ShadesBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack FleckBlack Fleck


*Indicates where the product is MTO, minimum order quantities will apply. Colours swatches are for indication purposes only, for a true representation of product colours samples can be ordered from Classic Half Batter radius units available in 2,3,4,6 and 10 meter external radius versions. Classic Square radius units available in 1.8, 3, 4, 6 and 9 metre external radius versions. Internal radius units available by request in 1.655, 2.855, 3.855, 5.855 and 8.855m Classic Wide Top radius units available in 3, 6 and 9m external radius. Internal radius units available by request in 2.71, 5.71 and 8.71m. Our kerbs come banded. CO   figures are guidelines only, contact the Charcon Technical Helpline for accurate figures to suit your 
given application.





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