The kerb product that out-performs all others. With its exceptional strength, HGV kerb has been specifically designed to keep vehicles where they belong - on the roadway.

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HGV kerb in Grey
HGV kerb in Grey

Features and benefits

Designed to withstand HGV wheel impact
Unique profile directs vehicles impacting on kerb back into the roadway
Flat front face of kerb accepts directional signage
Out-performs all other kerbs in withstanding vehicular impact damage
To create extra stability, units are able to accept dowel bars.
  • Charcon Hard Landscaping
  • Concrete
  • Commercial landscaping
  • Infrastructure
  • Bus lanes
  • Car parks
  • Highways and roads
  • Greys
Product category
  • Commercial landscaping
  • Kerbs and edging
Surface finish
  • Textured
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Product data
Type Main unit Half unit Radius unit* Dropper unit (types A&B)^
Length (mm) 1000 500 Various 100
Height (mm) 415 415 415 415-318
Width(top/base) (mm) 215/310 215/310 215/310 170/215
Weight (approx, kg) 220 110 Varies Varies
Colours Grey Grey Grey Grey
* Radius units: available in 36/12, 11/7, 6/4.5,
3, 2 and 1.5 metre external radius versions, plus
36/12, 11/7, 6/4.5 and 3 metre internal radius
versions. All radius units are made to order.
^ Transition units: left hand and right hand versions,
types A and B are both required to create
transition from HGV kerb to British Standard kerb
125x255mm HB2.
Quadrant sizes available: 415x310x90,
415x310x60, 415x310x45.
Internal angle 90º angle.
Dowel bars available to order.
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