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The kerb product that out-performs all others. With its exceptional strength, HGV kerb has been specifically designed to keep vehicles where they belong - on the roadway.

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Recycled Content


Slip Skid

BS EN 1340: USRV>40

Carbon Footprint

23.61kg Co2 e/m2


Our HGV Kerbs have been designed to revolutionise traffic control in urban settings and busy traffic routes. Crafted with high strength materials, these anti-vehicular kerbs are tailored to keep vehicles securely on the road, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Key features include a robust design that can withstand the impact of HGV wheels, a unique profile that redirects vehicles back onto the roadway upon impact, and a flat front face that accommodates directional signage for improved traffic management. Our HGV kerbs outshine competitors by excelling in durability against vehicular impact damage, ensuring long-lasting performance and cost-effectiveness. For added stability, these units are equipped to seamlessly integrate dowel bars, enhancing their strength and reliability. 


HGV kerb is specifically designed for busy traffic routes and all urban locations where it is essential to ensure that vehicles remain on the roadway.


TypeMain unitHalf unitRadius unit*Dropper unit (types A&B)^
Length (mm)1000500Various100
Height (mm)415415415415-318
Width(top/base) (mm)215/310215/310215/310170/215
Weight (approx, kg)220110VariesVaries
* Radius units: available in 36/12, 11/7, 6/4.5, 3, 2 and 1.5 metre external radius versions, plus 36/12, 11/7, 6/4.5 and 3 metre internal radius versions. All radius units are made to order.
^ Transition units: left hand and right hand versions, types A and B are both required to create transition from HGV kerb to British Standard kerb 125x255mm HB2.
Quadrant sizes available: 415x310x90, 415x310x60, 415x310x45. Internal angle 90º angle.
Dowel bars available to order.
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