15 products

15 products

Armourstone is natural quarry stone, chosen for its durability and resistance to wear and erosion. The sizes range from 45mm to 10+ Tonne rock, used for various applications.
Track Ballast
Specialist bedding stone made from natural stone used for laying below railway sleepers.
Rip Rap
Available in 300-500mm and 500-700mm, also known to some as armour stone and rock armour.
Pitching stone
Used as a walling stone some also use this for a larger option when filling gabion baskets.
Gabion Stone
Our Gabion stone, is Glensanda Granite sized 90-180mm and meets EN 13383-1:2002, and other sizes of rock armour are available
A range of beautiful hand selected walling stone available from five locations in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.
World Sandstone
Imported Sandstone paving and setts blend aesthetic appeal with affordability.
Italian Porphyry Setts
Boasting a range of colours and hues exclusive to Italian Porphyry, this hard-wearing range of paving and setts has transformed landscaping throughout Europe for centuries.
Attractive and durable, our UK sourced natural Yorkstone is available in a wide range of beautiful colours.