Guy Edwards is Chief Executive Officer, having been in the role since January 2019.

guy edwards ceo
Guy Edwards

With more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry (of which 25 has been spent in the UK market), Guy Edwards was previously CEO for the company’s Aggregates and Construction Materials (ACM) business in the United States. Over the years, he has held a variety of senior roles within Aggregate Industries, both in the UK and US. In 2013, Guy served as a UK Executive Committee member responsible for European operations and, in 2014, was named Chief Operating Officer for the AI US business. 
Guy received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Leeds University in England, graduating with honours in 1988. He has also completed the International Leadership Program at the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland.


Members of the Executive Committee

guy edwards ceo
Guy Edwards is Chief Executive Officer, having been in the role since January 2019.
John is Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chief Executive. He became a member of the Board in July 2004.
Victoria Smith - Managing Director, Asphalt
Victoria is responsible for the asphalt division and technical function.
Barry Hope - Managing Director, Readymix
Barry joined the business in 2011 and is responsible for our readymix concrete division.
Simon Marriott - Managing Director of Concrete Products
Simon Marriott - Managing Director, Concrete Products
Simon is responsible for the concrete products division and marketing function.
Paddy Murphy - Managing Director, Contracting
Paddy joined Aggregate Industries in 2005 and is the Managing Director of Contracting.
Steve Curley readymix portrait
Steve Curley - Managing Director, Cement
Steve is responsible for the cement division.
Andy Swinnerton, Managing director of Aggregates
Andy Swinnerton - Managing Director, Aggregates
Andy joined the business in 2016 and is responsible for the aggregates division
James Roberts - Human Resources Director
James is the Human Resources Director for Aggregate Industries and joined in November 2016.
phil photo
Phillip Norah - General Counsel
Phillip joined Aggregate Industries in May 2018 and is responsible for the legal and compliance aspects of the company.
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Jamie McGregor - Head of Procurement
Jamie is the Head of Procurement