Guy Edwards is Chief Executive Officer, having been in the role since January 2019.


Members of the Executive Committee

Dragan - CEO Aggregate Industries
Dragan is Chief Executive Officer, having been in the role since June 2021.
John is Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chief Executive. He became a member of the Board in July 2004.
Victoria Smith - Managing Director, Asphalt
Victoria is responsible for the asphalt division and technical function.
Barry Hope - Managing Director, Readymix
Barry joined the business in 2011 and is responsible for our readymix concrete division.
Simon Marriott - Managing Director of Concrete Products
Simon Marriott - Managing Director, Concrete Products
Simon is responsible for the concrete products division and marketing function.
Paddy Murphy - Managing Director, Contracting
Paddy joined Aggregate Industries in 2005 and is the Managing Director of Contracting.
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Steve Curley - Managing Director, Cement
Steve is responsible for the cement division.
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Andy Swinnerton - Managing Director, Aggregates
Andy joined the business in 2016 and is responsible for the aggregates division
Kirstin McCarthy - Aggregate Industries Sustainability Director
Kirstin McCarthy - Sustainability Director
Kirstin joined the business in 2021 and is responsible for all aspects of sustainability.
James Roberts - Human Resources Director
James is the Human Resources Director for Aggregate Industries and joined in November 2016.
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Phillip Norah - General Counsel
Phillip joined Aggregate Industries in May 2018 and is responsible for the legal and compliance aspects of the company.
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Jamie McGregor - Procurement & Logistics Director
Jamie is the procurement and logistics director.