Accumix boosts product flexibility and longevity with Lafarge Endure SR


The Background

Established for 15 years and based in the West Midlands, Accumix supplies concrete nationwide through its network of five strategically placed depots and 15 volumetric vehicles. Accumix also has small static operations which undertake larger scale projects. With 24/7 operations nationally, Accumix is always searching for ways to improve and streamline their operations, down to finding the right mix of cement to satisfy the requirements of the largest possible proportion of its customers.


The Problem

As volumetric concrete vehicles are restricted to only transporting one powder for use in the concrete, Accumix was previously using a CEM I material, which enabled them to meet most, but not all, of its customer requirements and ground conditions.


The Solution

Accumix has since switched to Lafarge Endure SR – a portland fly ash cement conforming to BS EN197-1 and classified as CEM II/B-V 42.5N. It is produced by blending PFA (pulverised fuel ash) with clinker to produce a cement with a lower embodied CO2 and improved plastic and hardened properties when used in concrete.

By switching to Lafarge Endure SR, Accumix is now able to produce concrete that is suitable for all ground conditions, including those containing aggressive sulphates that negatively impact CEM I mixes. This in turn has given the company a wider scope of contracts to target thanks to the CEM II mix being more universally compatible blend, amongst other benefits that customers of Accumix have noticed, including increased workability and improved finish.

Furthermore, Endure has superior sustainability credentials when compared with CEM I as it contains a lower proportion of clinker.

Duncan Haywood, Commercial Director at Accumix said: “Some customers and clients had preconceived opinions that blended cements were somehow inferior to CEM I. Our cube results, however, have shown this not to be the case. The performance has been equal to – and in some cases has outperformed – the concrete we previously produced in CEM I. “Not only that, it requires up to 10% less water to reach workable consistency than CEM I and offers improved pumpability and mixing efficiency. Once hardened, it can be used to DC-4 durability standard and can help increase the life of the structure thanks to its resistance to carbonation and chloride and sulphate attack.”

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  • Accumix

    • CEM II mix satisfies largest possible proportion of its customers
    • Lafarge Endure SR works on all ground types
    • Additional environmental credentials