SuperColour supplied for courtyard surface overlay

The Project

SuperColour supplied for a neat courtyard at Hundhill Hall, East Hardwick.


Hundhill Hall in East Hardwick was looking to overlay their original road surface. Derek Lewis has been a contractor for Hundhill Hall for over 20 years. Upon their request to provide asphalt which was not the normal black, Derek contacted us for help.

Overlaying the road surface was made a little more difficult by the original surface of tar and chippings. This had deteriorated and become loose over the years which meant that they would stick to the car tyres and scratch the marble floor of the garage. Another challenge was the limited access to the site, and on top of this the bulk of the work was confined to a courtyard which was only accessible by dumpers.


Working with Derek, we explored a variety of colour samples before deciding on our buff asphalt. To stop the existing tar and chipping from sticking to car tyres a binder course was laid first and the buff asphalt was laid the following day. We also identified the most efficient way of working was to make a delivery every hour. This allowed the dumpers to be loaded via a small loading shovel, therefore reducing standing time of the asphalt. All the while, technicians were both on site and at the plant providing ongoing support to Derek.

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Project details

  • Hundhill Hall

  • Derek Lewis

  • This project involved 90 tonnes of 6mm Buff Supercolour Asphalt and was completed in 1 day.

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