De Montfort University enrols Aggregate Industries for first class work

The Project

De Montfort University (DMU) needed to remodel and landscape Mill Lane, the main thoroughfare in the heart of their campus requiring a mixture of concrete and gravel.

The Background

The contract, awarded by Balfour Beatty, saw Aggregate Industries supply concrete for the development, which has created a visually impressive area of public paths and seating in the main area of the university.

The Solution

The Mill Lane remodel, which was completed by Aecom Landscaping, a leader in beautiful, contemporary landscape architecture, required 400m3 of Artevia colour concrete, and golden gravel aggregate, to create a visual and structural layer design.  Artevia was not only selected as a complimentary product to enhance the ‘streetscape’ design pallet, but it offered the necessary durability required of a concrete being used in a heavily foot trafficked environment.

To meet the expectations of DMU and Leicester Council, Aggregate Industries worked in partnership with Aecom Landscaping to help design the slabs for the development at every stage of the process from concept to installation.  This included the specification of bespoke concrete mixes, logistical planning to acquire the highest quality materials to optimise the aesthetics and onsite technical support during the installation of the ensuring the chosen material would deliver an aesthetically pleasing construction.

Aggregate Industries’ Artevia, is the perfect material for projects like Mill Lane, making it possible to create different visually appealing design textures and colours, and contrast with other materials or surroundings. It is low maintenance, and naturally slip and skid resistant, making it ideal for busy thoroughfares such as a university campus.

Neil Cochrane, specification manager at Aggregate Industries said: “Mill Lane at DMU was a fantastic project to work on. The requirements allowed us to showcase the versatility or our product range, especially our Artevia colour concrete, which can help create beautiful landscapes even within busy areas. Now complete, the project has resulted in a large grassy area in the grounds of the new Vijay Patel Building, with plenty of seating for students to enjoy, and Mill Lane itself has been pedestrianised and resurfaced, with new lighting and landscaping, completing changing the look and feel of an area at the heart of DMU.”

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Project details

  • Aecom Landscaping

  • Commercial landscaping

  • De Montfort University

  • Balfour Beatty

    • Bespoke concrete mixes
    • Low maintenance, and naturally slip and skid resistant
Artevia® Exposed

Artevia exposed enhances the architectural and visual approach of concrete and is the ideal solution when it comes to design, durability and cost.

Artevia® Colour

Artevia Colour enhances the architectural and visual approach of concrete and is the ideal solution when it comes to design, durability and cost.

“We are delighted with the end result which is not only visually appealing but incredibly durable, being able to withstand the high frequency, high volume associated with a University Campus. We’d like to thank the Aggregates Industries team for their second-to-none specification and support on this job.”

Tom Jonson| Project Landscape Architect at Aecom