Aggregate Industries becomes first construction materials supplier to achieve PAS 2080 verification

Aggregate Industries has become the first construction materials supplier to achieve PAS 2080 verification after demonstrating its ongoing commitment to supplying low carbon solutions to infrastructure projects.


A major milestone for the firm, Aggregate Industries underwent a rigorous, independent audit process by the BSI to be certified as the first supplier of its kind that can ensure delivery of infrastructure projects meet the PAS 2080 standard.

As the world’s first specification for managing whole-life carbon in infrastructure, PAS 2080 has been developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and requires firms to show continuous improvement in reducing the whole life carbon emissions across the entirety of their operations and supply chain.

As such, the verification serves as formal recognition of Aggregate Industries’ commitment to managing its operations in a responsible, sustainable way so that it continues to make a positive contribution to the built environment for future generations.

Paul McCaffrey, Sustainable Products Manager at Aggregate Industries, said: “We’re delighted to achieve this verification as it’s an important demonstration of our continuing commitment to helping our clients minimise carbon emissions in the infrastructure supply chain.

“We can help designers at Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) stage to design lower carbon solutions. Our management systems (ISO 14001 and 50001) ensure consistent and reliable data collection, allowing our carbon managers to report embodied CO2 to other members of the value chain. Baseline data made available to the value chain allows carbon targets to be set at design phase and for performance to be monitored against these targets during project delivery. This will result in infrastructure with lower embodied carbon.”

Donna Hunt, Head of Sustainability at Aggregate Industries, said: “With infrastructure still accounting for over half of the UK’s carbon emissions, creating a more sustainable, built environment requires strong leadership in carbon management, early supplier engagement and a real commitment across the value chain to reducing embodied carbon. We are proud to say Aggregate Industries is PAS 2080-verified and are ready to help the industry meet the carbon challenge.”


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