Lafarge Hydraulic Lime, 25Kg Bag 

Lafarge hydraulic lime 3,5N is a moderately hydraulic lime mix suitable for both internal and external works. The product is ideal for mixing lime mortar or grout, lime render or lime plaster compatible with a wide of substrates, from brick, block and stone to flint and all other types of masonry.

Our high quality bagged hydraulic lime is most often used in restoration or conservation work, where existing lime solutions have been utilised for laying and pointing bricks and stone.

Lafarge hydraulic lime offers great workability, good water retention, and provides excellent sulfate resistance and freeze thaw properties. It also gives a high bond with low shrinkage for a reduced risk of cracking.


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Hydraulic lime application
Lafarge Hydraulic Lime
Hydraulic lime application


Brand: Lafarge

Colour: Light grey

Weight: 25kg

Location: Internal & external

Material: Lime

Applications: Lime render, plaster, mortar & grout


A major cement manufacturer with a market-leading position in the UK construction industry, Lafarge cement offers one of the widest packed cement product ranges available.

Committed to innovation, Lafarge consistency integrates advanced technology into products which are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

With a national distribution network available, we can ensure a reliable supply of cementitious products throughout the UK, whether you need one bag or a whole pallet. All backed by an exceptional level of customer service and technical support.