Lafarge Hydrated Lime, 25Kg Bag 

This high calcium, bagged hydrated lime is typically used to improve the flexibility, cohesiveness and water retention of Portland cement mortars and renders, and for lime-washes without cement.

Perfect for both lightening and brightening mortars, this fine, dry white powder is the purest grade of hydrated lime for building, conforming to BS EN 459-1 CL 90-S.

Our hydrated lime has no use by date when stored correctly, and is available in 25kg bags for ease of use.

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Lafarge bagged hydrated lime
Hydrated lime mortar application

Mixing Guidance

Lafarge hydrated lime is created by calcining limestone or chalk in a high-temperature kiln to produce quicklime, which is then hydrated under carefully controlled conditions to produce a fine, white calcium hydroxide powder.

For a general mix for mortars and renders, one part hydrated lime should be combined with one part cement and five parts soft building sand. Our hydrated lime should not be used for general concreting, screeds or grout.

If you’d like to find out more about our hydrated lime, or any other product within the Lafarge bagged cements range, contact our customer support team on 01285 646900.


Brand: Lafarge

Colour: White

Weight: 25kg

Location: Internal & external

Standard: BS EN 459-1 CL 90-S

Material: Lime

Applications: Rendering, bricklaying, limewash


A major cement manufacturer with a market-leading position in the UK construction industry, Lafarge cement offers one of the widest packed cement product ranges available.

Committed to innovation, Lafarge consistency integrates advanced technology into products which are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

With a national distribution network available, we can ensure a reliable supply of cementitious products throughout the UK, whether you need one bag or a whole pallet. All backed by an exceptional level of customer service and technical support.