Lafarge High Performance Concrete, 20KG BAG

Lafarge High Performance Concrete is ideal wherever structural concrete is needed, as well as being suitable for general repair and maintenance work. This is a quick and easy high performance, high strength concrete that's ready to use straight out of the bag.

Comprising dried sands, cement and other additives, it's perfect for both internal and external applications, particularly those which require a higher strength base to withstand increased compressive force. Our high strength concrete reaches 40N after 28 days setting time, and is fully compliant with BS EN 9001.

Lafarge bagged concrete is ideal for a wide range of jobs - from laying walkways, paths and slabs to backfilling, infilling and construction bases for sheds and greenhouses. It's also a great choice for general repair work.

Available packed in 20kg weather resistant, recyclable plastic bags - each bag will achieve approximately 0.2m2 coverage at a depth of 50mm.



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Patio flags laid on concrete sub base
Lafarge high performance concrete
Paved path on concrete bed

Mixing Guidance

Although no mixing is required, this premium-quality high-performance concrete can be mixed by hand or in a traditional concrete mixer if desired, though 'over-mixing' should be avoided. Just add between 2 to 2.8 litres of clean water per bag of instant concrete to achieve the required consistency. Quick and simple to mix and use.

As Lafarge High Performance Concrete is fast setting, it should be used within 30 minutes of adding water. As all chemical components required are present in the mix, there's no need to add any additional materials.

If you’d like to find out more about our bagged high strength instant concrete, or any other product within the Lafarge packed cementitious materials range, you can contact our customer support team on 01285 646900.


Brand: Lafarge

Colour: Grey

Weight: 20kg

Location: Internal & external

Material: Cements, sands & other additives

Applications: Steps, paths, concrete bases & structural applications


A major cement manufacturer with a market-leading position in the UK construction industry, Lafarge cement offers one of the widest packed cement product ranges available.

Committed to innovation, Lafarge consistency integrates advanced technology into products which are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

With a national distribution network available, we can ensure a reliable supply of cementitious products throughout the UK, whether you need one bag or a whole pallet. All backed by an exceptional level of customer service and technical support.