Screedform flooring mix is a range of cement bound products produced under factory conditions and available in a range of grades from C5 to C30.

BES 6001    CE marking

Features and benefits

Complies with the requirements of BS EN 13813

This product is intended for use in the conventional applications envisaged by BS 8204-2 and is suitable for use in a range of environments including some outdoor locations

Many types are available in retarded form providing up to 12 hours working time, other times may be specified

It may be used in monolithic construction, unbonded or floating construction and bonded applications

Optimised water content to ensure ease of compaction and can be pumped using air transport pumps

No need to mix on site and available in any load size from 10 tonnes, smaller loads by arrangement.

Product data

Product information

Screedform is a range of traditional cement-based screed products produced under factory controlled conditions and available in a range of grades from C4/5 to C25/30 compressive strengths.

Being a cement-based product, Screedform is suitable for placing as a subfloor above and below DPC level and is an ideal product
for areas subject to wetting such as bathrooms, shower rooms, changing rooms, kitchens, swimming pool surrounds, etc.

Screedform and RapidScreed can be used in monolithic construction, unbonded construction, or bonded applications for projects including residential, office and administrative buildings, as well as hotels, schools, and hospitals. Both Screedform and RapidScreed are suitable for underfloor heating systems and once dried are able to receive coverings such as plastic, vinyl, laminate, parquet, ceramic, and textiles. Guidance on the use of such products should be sought from the respective manufacturer. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to ensure that the Screedform or RapidScreed has the correct moisture content for the covering materials. Please note that Screedform and RapidScreed themselves do not offer a suitable wearing surface.

  • Concrete
  • Industrial and commercial
  • Non-residential
  • Residential
  • Public realm
Product category
  • Screed
  • Ready mix concrete
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