Gabion Stone

Our Gabion stone is commonly used as a fill material for Gabion stone baskets, nets and rolls. During recent years, the demand for Gabion in gardens has increased because of its aesthetically pleasing nature.

Frequently used in conjunction with Gabion baskets, Gabion stone is becoming a feature in an increasing number of modern construction and landscaping projects. Strong and durable, it’s suitable for a variety of outdoor environments where aesthetics are a consideration. 


Our gabion stone is sourced from selected quarries and processed to high standards to ensure consistency in size and shape, an important factor when it comes to the appearance and stability of gabion baskets.

The natural, rustic appearance of gabion basket stones means they can blend seamlessly with the environment, making them suitable for both functional and decorative applications.


The use of gabion stone is not only a practical choice but also an environmentally friendly one. These stones promote natural drainage and help in reducing soil erosion, making them a sustainable option suitable for a range of design and architectural applications. In terms of strength and stability, gabion stone provides robust support to structures, particularly when it comes to erosion control and retaining walls, ensuring both longevity and durability.


Baskets filled with gabion stones are an indispensable part of many coastal and sea defence projects as they effectively absorb and dissipate wave energy.

Gabion stone is a popular choice for other civil engineering projects too, where it is used to build retaining walls. A gabion wall is made of stacked stone-filled gabions tied together with wire, which are usually angled back towards the slope or stepped back with the slope, rather than stacked vertically.

The aesthetic appeal of gabion stone means it has also been used to create striking features in gardens, parks and other public and private spaces.

The robustness and stability of our gabion stone makes it  suitable for a wide range of applications, while our efficient and reliable delivery services means it is widely available across the UK.

Features and benefits

Available across the country

Designed to fit in most standardised Gabion baskets and Gabio matresses as we have quarries all over the country


As our stone is virgin quarried it will be an angular finish but we can also provide cobbles from our sand quarries for a more aesthetically pleasing product.

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  • Natural stone
  • Infrastructure
  • Decorative
  • Public realm
  • Shoreline & sea defence
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