Hydracrete is a modified ready-mixed concrete designed for placement into still or moving water with minimal washout.

BES 6001    CE marking

Features and benefits

Prevents washout and segregation of the concrete mix and almost immediate stiffening after placement.

A very cohesive concrete that therefore provides strength and protection to the structure.

Cost saving over conventional products due to increased durability.

Minimises the impact to the surrounding flora and fauna environments and has little or no effect to the water cement ratio.

Can be placed in tidal / static / running conditions and has high workability.

Concrete can be used in; ports, harbours, quays, dams, marine anduatic environments.

No bleeding and can be easily placed or pumped to the project

The concrete is traditionally placed by pump or tremmie pipe direct to the point of discharge.

  • Concrete
  • Industrial and commercial
  • Residential
  • Buildings
  • Infrastructure
  • Flood prevention
  • Foundations
  • Public realm
Product category
  • Performance concretes
  • Ready mix concrete

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