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Our ECOPlanet green cement range reduces CO2 emissions by at least 30% when compared to standard portland CEM I cements.

ECOPlanet products use a broad range of low emission raw materials to create low carbon products that don’t compromise on performance. Our lower carbon footprints are further enhanced by our decarbonising of production processes through the use of alternative fuels. 

Our first green cement product is ECOPlanet Endure, a sulfate resistant low carbon cement offering resistance to both sulphate attack and chloride ingress, plus prevention against an alkali-silica reaction. More ECOPlanet green cement products are in development.

With 80% of the global population expected to live in cities by 2050, the world needs to build the equivalent of New York City every month. This breakthrough solution brings green cities one step closer to reality and fulfils our company ambition to lead in sustainable and innovative building solutions.

ECOPlanet the green cement
ECOPlanet cement trucks on route to customers
More than 30% carbon reduction
Cauldon Cement plant

Features and benefits

At least 30% reduction in Embodied Carbon

ECOPlanet is the latest product range in Aggregate Industries’ suite of green building solutions offering at least 30% carbon reduction beyond that of standard CEM I cement products

Carbon reduction with no compromise on performance

Offering all the benefits of a lower carbon product, with no impact on performance or durability

Supporting the most advanced sustainability building certifications from BREEAM to LEED

The eco credentials of our ECOPlanet range can be used to achieve excellent to outstanding ratings

  • Lafarge Cement
  • Industrial and commercial
  • Transport
  • Non-residential
  • Sports and leisure
  • Residential
  • Infrastructure
  • Domestic landscaping
  • Roads
Cement Taxo
  • Performance
Product category
  • Cement
  • Bulk cement
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ECOPlanet Endure is our first sulfate resistant green cement. With 30% less carbon than a standard portland cement, Endure brings together the perfect combination of eco credentials and exceptional performance.

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