Foamix is foamed bitumen asphalt; this is a blend of carefully combined ingredients bound together by a ‘foam’ of bitumen and water.  This binder is not an emulsion, but is a controlled physical and chemical process, to ensure the ultimate performance.

BES 6001   Life    Recycled content

Features and benefits

Can use up to 95% recycled or reclaimed products in the mix design

Material is supplied and laid cold, so safe to the touch

Can be stored in any convenient location for everyday use or ‘out-of-hours’ emergencies

If covered and stored on good, dry ground standard grade can be held on stock for up to one month

A single layer of Foamix can replace multiple layers e.g. base and binder course

This allows for cost and time efficiency.

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Product information

  • Performance asphalt product portfolio (pdf, 11.82 MB)
  • SuperColour courtyard surface overlay (pdf, 514.7 KB)
  • SuperColour housing estates crossroads (pdf, 9.73 MB)
  • SuperColour Swatchbook (pdf, 18.79 MB)

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