Foamix® and Foamix Ecotm

Foamix logo with the sub text "Low Carbon Recycled Asphalt"

Foamix is a sustainable asphalt solution, distinguished by its utilisation of foamed asphalt in pavement construction. This innovative product is characterised by a high content of recycled asphalt, contributing to a significantly reduced carbon footprint during manufacturing. Foamix is designed to incorporate up to 92% recycled materials, ensuring a high level of environmental responsibility in its production and application.

Foamix Eco Logo with the sub text "Carbon Neutral Asphalt"

Foamix Eco represents an evolution within the Foamix cold-lay asphalt solution, achieving carbon neutrality through the integration of carbon negative aggregates and biogenic binders. Using mobile plant on-site recycling, Foamix Eco reduces the associated vehicle movements and therefore the associated carbon footprint. Providing a truly sustainable approach to pavement solutions. This development is a testament to extensive research and collaboration across the supply chain, marking a significant step towards achieving net zero ambitions in infrastructure construction.

Sustainability Benefits

Both solutions are helping drive a sustainable, circular future. Foamix incorporates up to 92% recycled materials. Foamix Eco has an unique product mix, delivering a carbon neutral solution.

Safety & Efficiency

Foamix’s cold manufacturing process eliminates fumes and burn risks, improving on-site safety and operational efficiency. Utilising mobile plant capabilities and on-site recycling, vehicle movements are dramatically reduced together with the associated carbon emissions.

Managing risk

Foamix and Foamix Eco encapsulates hazardous tar-bound planings from site, making them safe to re-use, avoiding specialist disposal charges.



Choosing Foamix asphalt offers a practical and sustainable solution for modern construction needs, aligning with the growing emphasis on environmental responsibility and efficiency in the UK's infrastructure projects. Foamix stands out for its compliance with key industry standards, such as the Specification for Highways Works Clause 948 for Ex Situ Cold Recycled Bound Materials and BS 9228:2021, ensuring quality and reliability in every application. Its unique composition, which incorporates a high percentage of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), contributes to its longevity, reducing the likelihood of cracking due to ageing and offering superior bonding properties.

The cold manufacturing process of Foamix not only enhances safety by significantly reducing fumes, odour, and steam on-site but also eliminates material burn risks, improving visibility and overall working conditions for operatives. This process also allows for the asphalt to be trafficked immediately after laying, minimising public disruption and optimising construction schedules for a more efficient build process that maximises the value of taxpayers' money.

Foamix's environmental benefits are equally compelling, requiring less energy to produce than traditional hot mix asphalt, which results in a lower carbon footprint. On average, Foamix offers a carbon saving of over 45% compared to conventional asphalt. The introduction of Foamix Eco takes these benefits further by employing a unique production mix and onsite recycling techniques to deliver a carbon-neutral outcome across the initial stages of the building life cycle, thereby significantly reducing the total carbon footprint of infrastructure projects.

This thoughtful combination of quality, longevity, safety, minimal public disruption, and significant carbon reduction makes Foamix an intelligent choice for those looking to meet the demands of modern infrastructure development while upholding commitments to sustainability and environmental stewardship.


Foamix & Foamix Eco Applications:

  • Major & Minor Roads: Ideal for both major and minor road constructions.
  • Haunch Repairs: Effectively used for haunch repairs, ensuring durability and strength.
  • Trench Reinstatement: Suitable for reinstating trenches, providing a solid and reliable surface.
  • Parking Areas: Perfect for laying down durable and long-lasting parking area surfaces.
  • Cycle Tracks & Footpaths: Ensures smooth and safe surfaces for cycle tracks and footpaths.
  • Local Housing Estates: Ideal for roads within local housing estates, enhancing community infrastructure.
  • Foamix Eco - Carbon Neutral Projects: Specifically designed for projects aiming for carbon neutrality, Foamix Eco offers a sustainable solution without compromising on performance.



  • Recycled Material: Comprised of 92% recycled material, enhancing sustainability.
  • Cold Lay Technology: Manufactured cold, reducing on-site hazards like fumes and burns.
  • Compliant Standards: Meets Specification for Highways Works Clause 948 and BS 9228:2021.
  • Energy Efficient: Requires less energy to manufacture, offering a lower carbon footprint.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of uses from major roads to footpaths.
  • Longevity: Not prone to ageing-related cracking, ensuring durability.


  • Carbon Neutral: Achieves carbon neutrality across stages A1 - A3, with the potential to include stages A4 and A5 in the building life cycle.
  • Innovative Mix: Utilises carbon-negative aggregates and biogenic binder.
  • Onsite Recycling: Can be manufactured and laid onsite, minimising logistics and carbon footprint.
  • No Specialist Labour: Laid in one lift up to 150mm thick using conventional equipment.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Projects are individually assessed to ensure carbon neutral outcomes.
FOAMIX GradeMinimum long term stiffness valueAsphalt MaterialStiffness
B11900MPaHRA/DBM 1901900MPa
B22500MPaDBM 1252500MPa
B33100MPaHRA 503100MPa
B4>4700MPaDBM/HDM 504700MPa

(Typical carriageway stiffness for example would be designed to be between 3100-4700MPa; Footways normally 1900MPa or less).



We provide market-leading recycled, sustainable building materials & sustainable construction solutions for the UK. OCL Regeneration Ltd uses innovative material recycling techniques to provide high quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly construction materials & building materials. Part of Aggregate Industries, a leading building materials suppliers, our management and employees have considerable experience in sustainable building materials,  recycled aggregates and the broader construction sector.

We are the market leading producer and installer of hydraulically bound materials for the infrastructure and industrial sector. With 7 mobile continuous mixing plants, our service is unrivalled. We offer plant installation and mixing services for a full range of products for on-site manufacture (trials and testing will always be carried out prior to the construction phase).

From research and development to product quality and testing, this page covers all of the innovative work that our technicians perform every day to ensure you're getting the best possible product.


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