Yeoman Baumineralien supplied 460,000 tonnes concrete aggregates to the Moorburg coal fired Power Station.



Vattenfall are planning Europe’s most modern coal-fired power station with the construction of Moorburg Coal fired Power Plant. With regard to reliability of supply, environmental protection, and economy of operation it is the designed to be the optimum solution to Hamburg’s energy requirement. 

The 1600 MW (megawatt) power plant is due to be completed in 2012 amid much local opposition and the whole project has been developed meeting tight environmental & planning restrictions.


Aggregates from Glensanda Quarry were shipped to Hamburg then reprocessed to DIN EN 12620 specification in the sophisticated screening and washing plant at the yeoman Baumineralien depot. This material was then transported to the mobile concrete plant on the power station site.

Project details

  • Utilities

  • Vattenfall

  • Wayss and Freytag

    • Yeoman Baumineralien supplied 460,000 tonnes concrete aggregates
    • Meeting the necessary conctruction standards of DIN EN 12620 specification
    • Sustainable approach