We were able to meet all the criteria set down for the construction of the Olympic park, such as sustainable products and alternative high quality supply chain.



Products supplied by us:

With our wide range of construction products and services, we're proud to be official suppliers of:

  • aggregates and precast concrete products
  • road construction and surfacing works to the London 2012 games.

Over 1 million tonnes of aggregate fill materials were delivered to the Olympic Park, in addition to the aggregates required for over 400,000m3 of concrete production.

In addition we also supplied:

  • Over £9 million of asphalt surfacing carried out including the laying of asphalt products with a high recycled content
  • 1,500 bespoke precast units supplied to the Velodrome, including terracing and staircases
  • Over 3 million tonnes of materials handled by Rail Freight Services through the Bow East Logistics Centre
  • Over 4,000 tonnes of waste taken away from the Olympic Park by barge

Sustainable achievements and innovations

Our commitment to sustainability ensures we offer our clients responsibly sourced materials together with alternative recycled and residual waste products, combined with the ability to use our rail and barge capabilities, reduces the impact of CO² due to long haulage.



The ODA specified at the outset that 50% of all materials used on the Olympic Park construction should be brought on to site using sustainable transport, by rail or water. 

We have substantially exceeded this target with the majority of the aggregates supplied by rail under both supply agreements.  The logistics options, including the rail movement and materials offloading services, were delivered through subsidiary businesses within the group.

At the height of construction, up to 24 trains per week were delivering aggregate products to the Olympic Park, each carrying 1,200 tonnes. The products we have supplied through the Olympic Park railhead have saved over 100,000 vehicle movements to date.

Whilst the majority of aggregate materials have been delivered to the Olympic Park by rail, we have also been involved with the sustainable transportation of waste. Bennett's Barges, a division operating within Aggregate Industries, removed up to nine 20ft containers of waste per week by water.

Carbon emissions

Carbon measurement and reduction is something that has been very important on this project, and there has been encouragement to reduce the embodied carbon of the products we have offered to customers on the Olympic Park.

As part of the supply agreements, we calculated and reported the embodied energy of our aggregate products to enable the Olympic Park contractors to meet their obligations for reporting of carbon reduction to the ODA.  The ability to deliver products to the site by rail had a significant impact on the embodied carbon of the aggregate materials.  For example, the embodied CO2 of the secondary aggregate from Cornwall was reduced by 73% by using rail transportation compared to the equivalent road journey.

Secondary and recycled materials 

The ODA specified at the outset that 25% by weight of all materials used on the Olympic Park venues and infrastructure should be recycled or secondary products.  We have supported the ODA and the Olympic Park contractors in a number of ways to achieve this challenging objective.

We identified and selected a range of secondary and recycled aggregate fill and single sized materials for inclusion in the supply frameworks.  These materials complemented our primary products, and included:

  • Secondary aggregates arising from the production of China Clay
  • Recycled rail ballast
  • Recycled construction and demolition waste
  • Glass sand manufactured from recycled bottles

The secondary and recycled materials were all delivered to the Olympic Park by rail and offered as an alternative to primary aggregate materials.

Project details

  • Recreational

  • Olympic  Delivery Authority

    • One stop supplier
    • Great sustainability rating for products and transport
    • Bespoke products
    • Solution provider for supply chain
    • Easy accessibility to data for correct reporting