Close relationships with clients and partners creates successful scour protection solution using high quality Leicestershire granite.



Leading materials supplier and environmental solutions specialist, Terraqua, was approached by a government agency requiring assistance with an erosion control issue in Seaford, Sussex. 

Initial site surveys revealed the banks of the local river needed permanent reinforcement in order to protect local homes and businesses from potential flooding. It was decided that the best method of reinforcement would be to use rock rolls, a solid yet cost effective method of protecting weak river banks. 

Rock rolls consist of durable nets filled with rocks which, when used below a low water level, provide a solid but flexible foundation. Rock rolls can form part of a complete bioengineering solution when used in conjunction with other environmentally conscious preservation solutions. The roots of aquatic plants quickly grow and establish in the voids between the rocks, providing long term erosion control, bank support and habitat enhancement. 

The project needed to be completed quickly in order to protect the river banks from collapse and safeguard the local community from flooding. Furthermore, space onsite was limited and with an anticipated 100 rock rolls due to be laid, filling the bags riverside, as would be usual practice, simply wasn’t an option.  


Terraqua enlisted the help of Aggregate Industries to formulate a solution to the problem. Drawing on their long standing relationships with UK-wide haulage companies, the Aggregates team agreed a partnership with distribution specialist EE Spencer and Company, which had the equipment and the space to fill the rock rolls. 

Aggregate Industries provided rock material to fill the bags to the required weight and size, ensuring that the product specified would not have any detrimental effect on plant or marine life once submerged in water. 

EE Spencer and Company filled 140 rock rolls, each measuring two metres long once complete, before transporting them to the site in Sussex for immediate implantation into the damaged riverbed. 

In completing this project alongside EE Spencer and Company, Aggregate Industries worked around the onsite space issues to deliver financial savings and a just-in-time solution to an unusual problem. 

Working in partnership with Aggregate Industries enables Terraqua Environmental Solutions to offer filled Rock-Rolls as part of our product range. Granite stone filled Rock-Rolls form part of our bioengineering systems for scour protection at the toe of river banks and waterside applications, used on their own or as part of a system, Rock-Rolls provide a competitive solution for erosion control applications. Aggregate Industries provide the services of filling the Rock-Rolls, with gabion stone, and delivering the product to various sites throughout the UK. Terraqua Environmental Solutions.

Project details

  • Flood Defense

    • Granite for 140 rock rolls delivered to site in conjunction with logistics partner
    • Part of Rock products offering from us including gabion stone, rock armour and rip-rap
    • Working closely with haulage partners and clients to create scour protection solution whilst enhancing riverside biodiversity and protecting local homes and businesses

Working in partnership with Aggregate Industries enables Terraqua Environmental Solutions to offer filled Rock-Rolls as part of our product range.

Terraqua Environmental Solutions