We supplied a bespoke ready-mix concrete product under a difficult supply route and individual specifications to meet the customer's requirements.



Eric Wright Construction Ltd turned to us for a solution to a very technical and tricky logistical problem.

The Tarn Dam was constructed some 100 years ago on the remote summit of Seathwaite Fell. The water in the area is collected having passed through the top peat soil layer, and has been eating away at the limestone.
A solution to stave off the erosion was discovered using blue local granite which is resilient to acid attack.


Could we source the necessary blue granite and produce a concrete that could travel the difficult road journey of 35 miles across Cumbrian fell B roads, plus the 3 miles up the old cart track and across the drain reservoir temporary road to the dam repair site? Would our smaller truck be able to cope with all this, and arrive with the concrete still in specification? The answer...yes!
With the granite sourced from our Ghyll Scaur Quarry and the technical department trialling the mixes to accommodate the long journey time the mix designs where passed by the structural engineers.
In all we did seven pours covering a three-month period finishing early December 2008. The weather throughout that period was very inclement and on many occasions the pours where cancelled because of severe frost and ice on the old cart road.
This is a true example of an established relationship, we worked very closely with the contractors in a difficult set of circumstances that needed a professional solution.

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