Aggregate Industries were able to supply the ideal concrete product to meet the customer's needs in resurfacing the deteriorating yard area. With fast setting concrete we were able to cause minimal disruption to Walkers productivity.



Walkers needed to replace large areas of their yard due to deterioration over time. The new slab had to have the ability to be driven on within 24 hours by HGV’s.


Diamondcrete RA is a fast setting, highly durable concrete designed for heavily trafficked external yards. The concrete was supplied at an S3 slump and is as easily placed and finished as standard concrete.

Slabs were cast and trafficked to schedule to the satisfaction of all parties. The fast setting concrete met the criteria of being safe for HGV use after just 24 hours.

Project details

  • Civil Engineering

  • Walkers Crisps

  • Planters

    • Solution provider
    • Fast setting product
    • High durability