masterlite® pro

the lightweight block, designed for thermal efficiency

Whether you need blocks for internal or external use, above or below DPC, the Masterlite Pro range has got you covered. Available in both standard and paintgrade finishes, these blocks offer total flexibility for various applications. Manufactured using a semi-dry process, they comply with European Standard BS EN 771-3 and the AVCP system 4, Category II masonry units. Additionally, all Masterlite Pro blocks are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for quality assurance.

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Thermal Resistance

Internal 0.57 External 0.61 (W/mK)




1450  (Kg/m3)

  1. Suitable for use above and below dpc both internally (3.6 N/mm2) and externally (7.3 N/mm2 & 10.4 N/mm2)
  2.  Units of 7.3 N/mm2 are suitable for use in beam & block floors
  3. Masterlite Pro blocks are also suitable for use in Robust Detail wall types E-WM-2,4, 8, 11 & 14
  4. Standard - Suitable for locations where the surface will not be seen i.e. plastered or rendered
  5. Paintgrade - (7.3 N/mm2) Suitable for locations where a consistent close textured face is required, suitable for direct decoration (note only one face & one end guaranteed)


Size (mm)440x215440x215Trenchblock 
Thickness (mm)100140300
Density (kg/m³)145014501450
Weight (kg)14.1319.7817.25
Strenght (N/mm2)3.6-10.47.3-10.47.3
FinishStd and P/GStd and P/GStandard



10.4 N/mm2 blocks are available subject to order

Masterlite Pro blocks are available in standard and paintgrade finishes for various applications and total flexibility

For use internally and externally, both above and below dpc (7.3 10.4N/mm2 only).

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Masterblock Brochure

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Masterlite Pro Leicester Tigers stadium application

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